Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Noah's Christmas Program

The Christmas program at the preschool is always so cute. This was our last one, and when I pulled out Ben's shirt and tie for Noah to wear, I got a little choked up. Time just goes so fast. Everyone says that, and I'm realizing it's so true. I remember going to this same program with Emily and then with Ben like it was yesterday. You can see what I blogged about Emily's program here and Ben's program here. It was just yesterday, I swear. Where are my little kids? I want them back.

Moving on...

Noah looked so sweet and handsome in Ben's hand me downs.
IMG_9870 - Copy
IMG_9879 - Copy
IMG_9882 - Copy
IMG_9896 - Copy

Another class did the candle program that Ben and Emily had done. Noah's class did a play and he was a shepherd!
IMG_9906 - Copy
Oh my gosh, could he be any cuter? NO!
IMG_9913 - Copy
Here's some video of the play and songs. There were more songs, but he got covered up by some kids in the three year old class. I realize now why I like my tripod as these videos are so shaky! We kept waiting for Noah's shepherd hat to turn into a blindfold.

I love this one when he waves to us.

After the show, they did a slideshow of a few pictures of the kids.
IMG_9949 - Copy
Then, they asked each kid what they wanted to get their Mom and Dad for Christmas. This is what Noah said:
IMG_9952 - Copy
I asked him what he was talking about and he said a bed. It's probably because when we do family lovin' at night, I say we need a bigger bed. We have a king though, but it's not big enough for 5 people.

The program was so cute and they always do such a great job with the kids. It's our last one, but I know we have much more to look forward to.


Anonymous said...

Adorable! Nice job, Noah!
Auntie Pam

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, our little Noah is a charmer for sure.. Loved all the pics and the video's too. His shyness looks like it has been taken care of. He did a great job. He looks so cute and grown up in Ben's shirt and tie.I'm sure he was proud of himself. Can't wait to see you all this weekend.

Linda said...

How sweet!! ♥

And yep, I can agree, as a Mom of an 18 year old and the daughter of elderly parents - one who can't remember 5 minutes ago and one that falls every chance he gets - life does go super quick. How blessed we are to savor the moments at hand.
Love, Linda