Saturday, December 7, 2013


Tis' the season of recitals, musicals and performances. To the Grandparents, this month should make your whole year with great videos and pictures. So, sit back and enjoy. It'll be like you were there. Almost.

Today was Emily's gymnastic showcase. I like that it's kind of low key. There isn't big rehearsals and expensive costumes. Emily's is in Girls Level 2. They all learn the same little routines and then the perform them one at a time.

Here's Emily on the beam.

Here is her floor routine.

Here is her bar routine.

I was so proud of her. She started gymnastics 4 months ago. She's come so far already. Here's all the kids that performed today.

Each girl then gets called up for a medal.

It was so great to see my girl show off. We are so excited she loves gymnastics and can't wait to see what she can do in another 4 months!

One of the coaches acted as a judge and called the girls names out. She gave them each a card with her notes at the end.

Then, we all went to Dairy Queen!

Up tomorrow night....are you ready grandmas?...wait for it...wait for it...Christmas piano recital!


Anonymous said...

Go Emily! McKenna would be so proud of you! And so are we! Can't wait for your piano recital tomorrow night. I will be waiting for the post. Great job honey...Grandma Suzy and Papa

Anonymous said...

Strong work, Em! Great strength and balance. Keep up the great work!XO
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

Emily is so talented! I can't do gymnastics at all - never have been able to, not even when I was her age.

It's a fun season for sure with all of the activities. For us, today was a full day of music activities. This is pretty much the end of our school activities though - Sarah only has this week and no finals so 3 weeks off coming up.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yeah Emily! Great work ...and believe me that was a workout for sure. Lots of hours of practice . Emily is looking so grown up. Where has our little girl gone? Can't wait for the piano recital. We are both anxiously awaiting your post. Good luck Em!♥