Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Parties

The weekends have been filled with fun get togethers with family and friends.

Last Saturday, we drove down to Phoenix. My Dad and Suzy were having our Christmas celebration early. Usually, we do it on Christmas Eve, but this year David's Mom, his sister and her kids will be at our house.

Suzy got a new organ. This thing looked like a cockpit! It was impressive.

I was thrilled to see my kids behaving and watching Rise of the Guardians. They looked cute as little stair steps.

Time for presents!

Ben loved this ninja turtle coat Suzy found for him.

It's a very TMNT Christmas if you couldn't tell.

Emily got her American Girl gymnastics bar and beam.

I thought the money they were charging for it was outrageous. So, I asked my Dad and Suzy to make her a set. Well, they bought her the AG version, but also made her a high bar and parallel bar. Turns out, she likes my Dad and Suzy version better!

On Sunday, we had a party at our clubhouse with all the families in our little group. I say little, but it's gotten so big over the years, we had to have it at the clubhouse. There were almost 70 people there. We had a hot cocoa bar.

Santa came.

Noah was the first gift called.
Noah liked Ben's gift better than his own.
Emily waited so patiently. She was the last gift called.

Here are some of the sweet girls in our group.

It was a nice party.

Now, we are heading into 2 music concerts for school and a performance at the retirement home. Busy, busy, busy and FUN!

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Linda said...

Wow! Lots going on and looks like wonderful fun for all. Thanks for sharing, the photos are great. Your adorable Christmas card arrived yesterday - I always look forward to yours, it's so nice!

Have a Merry Christmas!
Love, Linda