Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas and Cousins

For the first time in ages, David spent Christmas with his Mom and his sister. Gwynne came in 2 weeks ago from Florida. Alisa and her two kids came in last Saturday. It was a fun time. Five kids certainly amps up the noise in the house that's for sure. But, it was fun and lots of memories were made. This post is chock full of 31 photos. I'm doing all of it in one big post.

The day Alisa and her kids came in was Greg's fourth birthday. I made him a cake.

Anytime we tried to get a picture of all 5 kids, this is how it turned out.

Every night for dinner, we put Grammie at the table with all 5 of her grandkids. This was the annual tradition of doing the gingerbread house. Gwynne really looks forward to it every year. Or not...

Noah and Greg were best buds. Noah is actually 4 months older, but Greg looks a year older.

There was some Just Dance on the Wii.

On Christmas Eve, the kids got to open pajamas. Alisa got them matching ones. And I got them slippers.

Then, David and Alisa took them all to the drive thru Christmas lights and Gwynne and I enjoyed the silence and watched Sound of Music.

That night, I read everyone Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Then, Santa came.

Oh, Buddy the elf was great fun. The kids had a blast with him throughout the month. They were really, really sad at the thought of Buddy going back to the North Pole and leaving us. So, our Buddy is staying here with us. He's wrapped up in Christmas paper with his eyes peeking out and we'll open him next year.

There were lots of notes for Santa and he left one for the kids.

Here they are on Christmas morning.

Yea for toothbrushes!

Yea for stocking stuffers!

Yea for sneezes!

Ben got his Nintendo 3DS XL.

Noah got his ninja sewer.

Emily got her doll camper. It was so cute. My daughter gets a cute camper and my son got a sewer. It really explains so much about them.

Here are the kids surveying the damage.

And there was lots of damage...

We waited until all the presents were open and brought out Em's big gift. A new digital piano. She loved it.

Grammie got them all matching red shirts.

Noah wouldn't smile...

So, he got tickled.

That made him smile.

We wanted one of Grammie and all 5 kids in their red shirts. This is as good as it got.

It was a crazy, chaotic and fun filled 5 days. So much so that I didn't have time to blog at all. But, I'm back now!

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Linda said...

Glad you're back since I always enjoy your blog :) All of the photos are great, and it's wonderful that you were all able to be together on Christmas.

The last time I was together with my sisters directly on Christmas Eve and Day was 18 years ago before any of them had kids. Sarah was only 2 weeks old and we packed her and the presents in the car and traveled 3 1/2 hours to my parents' house when they lived in Charleston, Illinois. I think that was pretty impressive, and that's how I roll, but alas my sisters do not and once they had kids, they never traveled on Christmas, so we've never all gotten together directly on Christmas again.

Your tree and decor are really pretty too.
Love, Linda