Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Around Our House

Buddy is turning out to be great fun. Emily questions his authenticity daily. Ben finds him hysterical. Noah is indifferent. He just wants coffee in the morning. Here's what Buddy's been up to. 

And we cleaned up the leaves in the front yard so we could decorate. Ben helped with the leaf blower.  I think it's bigger than he is.
Noah is quite the character.  When I pick him up from preschool, he always asks what I brought him.  Usually, I just did my grocery shopping, so I open the trunk and let him grab something.  If I'm not running to the store first, I"ll throw something in my car, from almonds to M&M's.  

Today, he asked what I brought him and I pulled out a fruit roll up.
He said:  I bet you were shopping and you said, I think my little Kiki Diki would like a fruit roll up. (That's what we call him sometimes.)  So, you put the fruit roll ups in your cart.  And you know what?  You were right!

I was dying laughing.  He's a funny boy.  


Linda said...

I love the stories of your house. :) So much fun.

The stories of Buddy remind me of a little leprechaun that moved about mysteriously on one Florida vacation (the one when we had Sarah, Ashlee, Maddi & Jessica with us). The home we rented had this little leprechaun doll above one of the bedroom doorways on a ledge, and the girls thought he was creepy, and so the fun began when he suddenly was seen in different poses each morning, to which Jim and I knew "nothing" about, lol.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I love Buddy's antics. I bet finding what he's been up to keeps you hoping. A few friends from this part of the country seem to have elves in their homes as well so it must be a popular new trend. It is funny to see all the stuff they get into.
I liked the Noah story and read itto Grampie. He seems to believe that Noah is somewhat like him, so he loves to hear about Noah... but then he loves to hear and see about Emily and Ben too. So I guess I should say he loves to hear what all 3 say and do. :)
So happy that I will be there next weekend and that I will see you all in person.