Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yellow Belt

Ben had his belt promotion last week. I love that taekwondo rewards kids every 3 months or so with getting a new belt. It's a big deal and provides them incentive to keep going. Our friends have been taking karate here for a few years, so we knew what to expect. We knew he'd have to kick a board! He was so nervous when I told him, but I wanted him to be prepared and not freak out.

He was all ready to go.
When we got there, the teacher told him to warm up. Ben decided to meditate.
The did some warm ups together.
Then, each group of belt color had to get up and perform a 8 step karate thingy.
Then, they had to demonstrate some defense skills with a partner. Sometimes Ben can be the comic relief in class.

Then came kicking the board. There were 3 other boys who were white belts there that night. Two of them were twice Ben's height and weight. All 3 of them went before Ben and had a hard time breaking the board. Well, maybe not hard, but it took 2-3 tries to get it. Ben was so nervous. But, he got up there and did this:

His reaction was so awesome. I'm so glad he broke it on the first try. You could see the amazement in his face. Even the audience was shocked. Nobody expected little 50 pound Ben to get up there and break it on the first try.

Finally, Ben got his yellow belt and trophy.
Here's the whole group that got promoted that night.
We are so proud of him and even more, he's proud of himself.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know I found this second post. Pics are great but couldn't see videos as I suspected. Will share with Grampie in the morning and watch the videos and add more comments.

Linda said...

That's awesome!! Great photos :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yes, we loved all the pics and videos of our little hero Ben. Tell David I saw his point about Ben's questioning reaction.We loved his deep meditation. Both Enrique and I thought the "instructor"looked somewhat like David , at least at a distance,or in the mirror.
Thanks so much for letting us almost be there, the pics were great.