Monday, November 11, 2013


I think I take a lot for granted in my life. Coming home after 48 hours of having a great time in Vegas with the love of my life, and I'm so thankful to be back to my home. My cushy pillow top bed. My perfect cup of coffee, exactly the way I like it made by my husband every morning. The luxuries of my life that I don't even think twice about.

Today is Veterans Day. I'm sorry to say, the only Veteran that I knew I talked to was my Dad and I was so busy rattling off stuff about my perfect vacation that I didn't even thank him for what he did 47 years ago.

Here's my Uncle Robert in 1965.

This is my Aunt Jeri who also served.

My Aunt Jeri was serving in Foot Hood, Texas and so was my Dad. My Mom went to visit her sister. She met my Dad and the rest is history. I guess I have more than one reason to be thankful for our military.

Tonight, I'll hold my kids a little longer and hug them a little tighter because I missed them. And, I'll think about the brave men and women who do a job that I never could who are missing their kids, their beds and their perfect cup of coffee.


Bridal lehenga said...

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Anonymous said...

Great photos of those young family members ready and willing to give their lives for their cointry. Thankfully they didn't have to. I have never met your Aunt Jeri , but amazing resemblance to your mom. Thanks for sharing?

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the mis spelled words and punctuation. On my nook sometimes I hit the wrong key and also when I try to review it it only shows a few words, so I do not really check it until it is actually posted. Sorry.

Linda said...

A beautiful tribute to the veterans in your family. ♥

My Dad is not a veteran, he applied but was turned down for a foot condition; he has often said that it was likely a blessing that he didn't have to serve because he might not have made it through World War II and then none of us would be here. His brothers did serve though, as did many siblings on my Mom's side of the family.

Welcome home.
Love, Linda