Thursday, November 7, 2013


It's the simple little things that I'm thankful for.  I rediscovered baths a few weeks ago. I don't think there is anything better when it's cold out. Well, there is one thing. This little guy likes to join me.

They were so excited because we were having cocoa with marshmallows for dessert tonight. Yep, it's the little things. 

I've spent the last several weeks going through all the kids toys. We just have too much and need to lighten our load. I've sold several bigger toys this week. Our play room looks empty. But, the kids don't mind.  Emily likes the extra room to do gymnastics and Ben and Noah love using the room to run around. Simple is better.


Anonymous said...

Three great pics. Grampie is happy! ☺ He says Noah is so sweet!

Linda said...

Yep, simple is best! :)

Love the photos and little stories.