Sunday, November 17, 2013


I remember as a kid my Mom would make homemade sauce and meatballs. She learned the recipe from my Nana. As soon as my Mom pulled the meatballs out of the fryer and put them on a paper towel to cool, the whole family passed through the kitchen and snagged a meatball. 

I learned the recipe from my Mom and my kids do the same thing I did as a kid. 

One day, they'll learn these recipes and their kids will be snagging meatballs. I'm thankful for meatballs and the memories they create. 


Anonymous said...

For sure your meatballs and sauce are a hit with me as well.Haven't had the opportunity to swipe one before mraltime though. Something else to look foreward to in a month or so....

Linda said...

I would have loved to have had a Grandma to cook with and my Mom hasn't cooked in many years and can't. So, there's only me to pass recipes along and Sarah rarely ever cooks or bakes with me, but we'll do a little this Christmas as usual.

Love, Linda