Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Liking Each Other

Most of the time, my kids get along pretty well. The disagreements are minimal which I'm grateful for.

Noah has this thing. If he lays on you, he'll fall asleep. I think this goes back to Kangaroo Care at the NICU. They have him lay on your chest skin to skin, so, he can hear your heartbeat and voice. On Sunday, David and I were watching TV. Noah climbed up on him. David rubbed his head for 2 minutes and the kid was out like a light.

Last night, the kids were watching Finding Bigfoot. Noah was scared, so he snuggled with Emily. Out like a light.
And doesn't Emily look cute in her glasses? She wears them like once every 3 months. She couldn't read the small facts they had about Bigfoot on the TV, so she got them out. She looks so grown up in that picture.

I'm thankful my kids like each other (most the time).


Piper AndTheKids said...

They are so sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Love this picture. Emily does look so grown and Noah like a little angel. That's when he sleeping of course. Lol!Although I must admit he was very sweet when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday.

Linda said...

Adorable photo, both of them :)

Love, Linda