Saturday, November 2, 2013


Is it bad that I'm thankful today for Craigslist? I mean, I haven't even said I'm thankful for my kids, but I am...every moment of every day! They will get their day. Just not today.

Craigslist. For parents with young kids who constantly have toys that are no longer being played with or too much stuff, Craigslist is a gift. I've been on a major cleaning out spree lately. My kids have too much stuff. Emily no longer likes Barbies and Noah has outgrown anything that is babyish. Ben doesn't like to part with anything. He's a future hoarder. I have lots to sell. I've been posting stuff and selling things like hot cakes. 'Tis the season!

I added up my 2013 sales. It's $824. Plus, I have $400 or more listed right now. I couldn't sell that much stuff if I had a yard sale every month. Craigslist is fantastic.

On Friday, I pulled up at Robert's market. It's a local gas station that everyone knows about here. I was meeting 2 people. I sold a lot of boy clothes, and the next lady came to buy some toys. I was there for 90 seconds and drove off with $50! It's a total win/win.

And I'm thankful that my husband mops my floors!


Linda said...

That's pretty amazing, but I've never done Craigslist, and I'm too leary of what I see posted on there in our area, so I avoid it. The only thing I've used it for is to look for lost kitties, to see if I can identify any of them. ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Well you and your friend Craig and his list do seem to get along that's for sure; and as a side benefit you do not accumulate a lot of used but no longer usable stuff.( you won't believe how long I lingered on the word stuff trying to find the right word. LOL!)
Can hardly wait till you get to the point of telling us about the people you are really thankful for having in your life. Hmmm! Just joking.
This post are interesting for sure and if they only had pics Grampie would be so much happier... ☺ LOL!