Thursday, November 28, 2013


I failed again on my grateful posts. Oh well. Moving on to the next thing. 

I've been hearing about this elf on the shelf thing for years. I finally decided to get one and the book for the kids. He came today and they were so excited. 

We read the story. 

We picked out a name. Buddy. 

Then the kids read Buddy the story. 

Buddy officially doesn't come alive until December at least in our house. But the kids have already made him notes promising good behavior. This should be fun!


katie said...

I love Noah's face in these pics! He's just waiting for him to come alive!

Linda said...

This is hilarious and very precious at the same time... I just read both of these posts about Buddy out loud to Jim and he is laughing. I don't know whose going to have more fun, you or the kids or Buddy.....

Love, Linda