Monday, November 18, 2013


This may sound silly, but at the top of every wedding or baby registry should be a Bissell steam cleaner. I see people wanting fancy dinner plates or a diaper genie and I laugh. You don't need those things. You need a Bissell. Ours has saved us so many times.  

A few months, Ben puked up chili in the middle of the night. It was in the carpet and soaked in his mattress. Bissell to the rescue. Our dog once peed on the kids bed. This week was tough for us.  Our dog Rocko got diarrhea in the middle of the night. Twice. Then, he puked.  All of it on our carpet.  Try getting dog diarrhea out of the carpet at 2 in the morning without a steam cleaner.  And if you don't have a lot of carpet in your house, it'll still come in handy for mattresses or car upholstery. The other day at school Noah climbed in the trunk area of the van while we waited for Ben and Emily. Then he told me he pooped a little in his pants. I checked when we got out of the car and saw a smear on his butt. Weird. Then, I was loading groceries in my car the other day and saw an identical smear in my van. Nice. I smelled it just to be sure. Yep, poop. 

Seriously, three times this week we've said thank goodness for our Bissell!


Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to count the number of times David has told me the same thing. For sure it has been a well appreciated friend to your homes.The fact that it's making your list of things to be thankful for is a good enough reference for

Linda said...

We desperately need one of those though I must tell you, there is no hope for our existing carpeting. It's awful and beyond repair. Been waiting for Jim to agree to the wood floors in the main living areas and new carpet in the bedrooms and then I'll want one of those for the carpets. Our cats have barfed nearly everywhere in the house and it's just nasty and dirty throughout.

Love, Linda