Thursday, September 19, 2013


Noah is my most challenging child. He constantly keeps us on our toes. We were at dinner a few weeks ago. Noah finished early and left the table. He was playing. He came around the corner and says to the rest of us at the dinner table, "What the f..."! He actually said the word. Oh my.

David looks at me assuming I taught him that. But, that's not my phrase. Other bad words, I would take the blame for, but that's not typically something I say. Where did he hear that?

It turns out it was on a Spiderman cartoon youtube video that Ben was watching. Ben will search for those cartoons, but he knows if he hears a bad word to close out the video and move on. And that's what Ben did, but the damage was already done since Noah heard it to. There's no parental controls on things like this on youtube. Ben can handle it and knows what is okay and what is not. Noah does not.

Our shock at what he said probably just fueled him. We told him it's a very bad word and kids (or adults) should not say things like that, and he should never say it again.

But, he did.

We sent him to his room.

He said it a few days later.

David spanked him.

It was almost becoming a daily thing and ended with a spanking or a time out.

At his point, I'm very thankful that he's quiet in preschool. Can you imagine him blurting that out during show and tell? His teacher would be mortified (as well as his parents). Remember this is the teacher that starts every day off with a prayer.

He's 4. Taking away a favorite toy or something means nothing to him. We needed something impactful. Sunday night, David and I were watching Dexter in our room. The kids were watching something in the living room. Noah said it again. Emily came and told us. This kid is just not getting it. So, I told Noah that if he says it again, I would put soap in his mouth.

I remember a few years back one of my friends did this with tabasco sauce. I thought it was so awful and couldn't imagine doing something like that to my kids. But, Noah needed to learn a lesson, so I made the soap threat.

And he said it again 10 minutes later.

I had to follow through. So, I did. I put one pump of the foaming hand soap in his mouth and told him not to swallow it. I was going to make him keep it there for a minute, but after 15 seconds or so, he looked like he might throw up or swallow it. I let him spit it out. Emily and Ben were watching the whole thing shocked.

We rinsed Noah's mouth. He started blowing bubbles which we all though was funny and I call him Bubbles now sometimes.

It's been 4 days and he hasn't said it again. I think it worked.

I'm documenting this simply because in 10 years, the kids will retell this story and probably say, I made him eat an entire bar of soap or something drastic. One pump. 15 seconds. That's all it took.

And now he can go back to being our cute sweet Noah without a potty mouth.
And I will go back to not being nominated for mother of year.


Linda said...

I think you're a wonderful Mom and while I can't remember having to do that with Sarah, there was spanking, there was pinching when she wouldn't quit whining loudly in Walmart (which she still reminds me of to this day, lol) and my best friend used soap for her little boy when he did a similar thing. People can say what they want, but he grew up to be a wonderful young man. It's whatever works, within reason, for each child is so entirely different and yes, I do completely understand "strong willed child". (Maybe it's why I ended up with only 1!) :D
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Well the picture at the end certainly illustrates how "strong"our little man wants to be.To be undone by a squirt of liquid soap sounds like it cleaned up the mess. Of course with his determination to do what he wants it would take a pretty strong flavored brand of cleanser. Glad to know it seems to have done the trick.
Not sure if David told you but I reminded him recently that he was in school at least 5 months when his teacher at a teacher conference asked me if he knew how to talk,as she had never heard one word out of his month up till that point. So maybe Noah is like his father after all. Although with his feisty spirit I suspect he is more like his Grampie....
IN any case I hope the soap treatment does truly work and there will be no need for it's use a second time. :)
I just heard this morning on the tv that there is a school in Phoenix the has WTF on their school tee shirts.. Maybe you should think of sending him to that school even though it is a little distance down the mountain.
Hope you have a great weekend and that the next week with little visitors doesn't provoke any more of Noah's expletives..☼

Anonymous said...