Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Slow Learner?

I remember reading a funny story on the internet years ago. It went something like: The first child has everything sanitized. The second child goes by the 5 second rule. The third child gets the binky that the dog licked. It went on and on explaining the difference between the first and last child. It's pretty funny and pretty true.

With Emily, we worked on letters and numbers all the time. We read books every day. Ben wasn't so into the number and letter memorization, but he loved books. We used to read him Goodnight Moon every single night. He'd find the little mouse on every page. Noah, well Noah chews on books. Does that count?

I don't think I'm alone in this matter. Time moves on and with it my daily checklist fills up. With Emily, I had 1 kid and wasn't working. With Noah, I have 3 kids, a part time job, couponing (which feels like a part time job) and volunteering at the school. My plate is full and often times overflowing. I think every Mom feels that way, and I don't think it will change for the next 15 years. The other day, I was watching a video from a blog I read. The little girl is 3 and she has Down Syndrome. Her and her Mom were sitting on the floor doing flash cards of the alphabet. Dang, that sweet little girl new almost all of them and the sounds too. Not that I expect Noah to be smarter, but it just showed me that he doesn't know anything. Not because he's not smart, but because I've never worked with him. Sure he knows how to count to 20 and can sing the ABC's, but does he even know what an A looks like?

Turns out, he doesn't!

I broke out the flash cards. Half are missing or chewed up, but they'll do. We start going over them. He doesn't get a single one right. I narrow it down with multiple choice. I show him an A and ask is this a B, S or A? He get's it wrong. Really, it's a 33% chance he'll get it right, yet he misses them over and over. I decide we need to start on a smaller scale. We get the A, S and O flash cards. They look totally different. He gets the O after a few minutes, but the S and A are not clicking. I even try to tell him the S looks like a sssssnake. Sounding it out perfectly. He'd get it right and 5 minutes later, get it wrong. Then, it him me. He may be THAT kid.

Emily and Ben are naturally smart. They don't have to do much to get all A's in school with an occasional B thrown in to prove they aren't robots. They are always at the top of the class and in the higher reading groups. School is easy for them. I'm starting to wonder if Noah will be my kid who...well, who isn't.

I know this year in preschool, he will learn so much. He just turned 4 and honestly, I've barely worked with him. I credit any knowledge he has to Super Why and Team Umizoomi. I know in preschool through December, they work on tracing their names. It's their homework every week along with a worksheet of the letter of the week. So, I decided to write Noah's name 4 times and have him trace it. I did the first one with him. The others he did on his own. And can I just say that he is the best tracer out there! Look at those straight lines!
He's a genius! I think there's still hope for him! And if not, at least he's cute!


Linda said...

I started reading your blog and thought "what about those who only ever have ONE child?" I guess, we're the ones who virtually mess everything up because we only get one chance, LOL!!! :D

From the mind of a Mom with an only, I'll share that every thought, every day, revolves around the worries of that one child. It seems like I'd have more time but it has been an all-consuming 17, almost 18 years now. Can you hear the helicopter blades swooshing by?? ;)

Now, onto Noah. Every kid just learns differently. He will have his own gifts and those will be apparent as time goes on. I've heard from some who never have liked reading or writing, yet they managed to get by. I'm sure he's going to do wonderfully in school and in life and he's such a cutie. ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Ha! Just remember how quickly that little guy made it out of the NIC Unit and up the Road to PV, just a few short(4) years ago. That little man can do anything he makes up his mind that he wants to do. Of course practice on a regular basis does help when it comes to academics. Maybe big bro( his hero ) and Big Sister can help to do it on a regular basis. He would probably love to play school with them.
Anyway , I know he will do well in the future if his first 4 years are any predictor. ♥

Anonymous said...

our angelbaby is smart n handsome~~nuff said~~my love mom/granny