Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Twins, Kind Of

I don't typically think my boys look much alike. Maybe because their personalities are so different. People always say how much Noah looks like Ben. One of the assistants at preschool almost called him Ben when we were there the other day. We were letting Noah's hair grow out, but it was always looking a little crazy. We just cut Ben's hair and I cut Noah's. It's not as short as Ben's, but at least he doesn't have bed head now.

With both their heads shaved, they look more alike to me than ever.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't really say that I see they look alike at all. Aside from the fact that they are both male and cute I don't see them looking alike. Of course now that Noah has no more bed head he does have shorter hair, and they both have such sweet smiles, and they both love their Ninja's and such, I guess I will admit they could look alike to strangers, but I still find Ban is more Carpanzano( maybe it's more like Redman) and Noah is more Galeana. In any case they are both little dolls and you are so lucky they are yours. ♥

Anonymous said...

Sorry that is BEN not Ban... My mistake...

Linda said...

I see similarities but differences also. They're both so cute. :)

Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

I always see the similarities better when I look at photos of mine at the same age. You can tell my boys are related just looking at them but pull out photos of both of them at the same age and they really look alike!

I can see your boys in each other in little glimpses--the curve of a certain smile, the crinkle of an eye, etc. those fleeting glimpses of each other :)

Anonymous said...

in that pic to me, they both look so much alike~~sooo adorable my 2 grandboys~~my love granny

Anonymous said...

in that pic ben n noah look sooo alike~~my 2 grandsons so adorable~~ my love granny :) :)