Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gym and Karate

Today was the first real day of gymnastics and karate classes for Emily and Ben. David was able to get off work early since he didn't take a lunch, so he went with us. He goes for a walk every day during lunch, but it was raining today, so he had to stay inside. It was a win for us.

We went to Emily's gymnastics class first. I didn't get any good photos as she was far away while I was there. She did the vault and she did so good. They did handstands onto a mat over the vault and her first time she could hardly do. By her third pass, she was doing great. She started the bars and I had to leave with Ben and Noah to get Ben to karate. David stayed with Em. Normally, I'll just go back and fourth by myself.

He practiced some kicks.


He practiced jumping over the noodle ninja.

He was doing great. I got him all signed up for the next 4 months. He was so excited to get his uniform. He couldn't wait to try it on when he got home. He thought he should meditate on the spiderdome.

He's a true ninja! I thought Noah might want to take a class today, but nope, he wanted to leave. He wants a uniform like Ben though, so there's still hope.

Meanwhile, David texted me this picture of Em and I about died! She is so awesome.
My girl on the beam. She's awesome.

She took 2 years of gymnastics at the Y, and we quit 2 years ago. She had just gotten past the tot classes and moved on to a girls level 1. She really hadn't even learned to do a cartwheel or handstand well. I am so so proud of her. This was the summer of the handstand, so I'm so glad all her hard work is paying off. David said he could tell she was so proud of herself after she did the handstand on the beam. She also did a cartwheel off the beam.

I'm so glad my kids are enjoying their extra activities.


Anonymous said...

This just makes me smile! So happy Em and Ben have found activities they really enjoy. The handstand on the beam is amazing! Ben being Zen on the spiderdome cracks me up! He is so darn cute! High fives to E and B, kisses to all! XOXO


Linda said...

Awesome!! I can't even do a cartwheel - have never been able to. Not sports inclined in any way, lol. ;)

Except the walking - David's lunchtime sounds like mine (I don't eat lunch - I walk).

The photos are great - Ben is looking very grown up in the meditation photo :) and Emily is awesome on the beam!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great work Emily and Ben. It looks like Ben has slipped into his meditation role very easily. Great pictures.Hopefully they continue with their enthusiasm throughout the year. ☼

Anonymous said...

They are all so awesome!! Emily is so brave!! I remember being about her age and doing the same things in gymnastics. At first you think 'I cant do that!!!' Then you try, fail, try again, do better, one more try and voila, 'I did it!!!!' Such a proud feeling....and a very challenging feeling! And good for Ben! He looks in his glory! Right where he should be! I bet he loves his new uniform....I give Noah a month at max.....he will be a lil ninja too!! Thanks so much for all your sharing Gina. I love to visit here! Have many times wanted to leave messaged and I cant.....here is another attempt xoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

ok.....so I MUST be anonymous to get my message thru.....lol.....so green at all this shenanagins!! :)