Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Yea for Karate...or Not....

A new school year starts Monday. Ben will be in second grade and Emily in fourth. Noah starts preschool but not until after labor day. Last year we took a year off from after school activities. The kids have tried lots of things, gymnastics, karate, piano, ballet, tap, drama, tennis, swim lessons. You name it, we've tried it. They are usually gung ho for about 6 months and then it's a heavy sigh when I say we have _____ today. That's when I know it's time to quit.

Last year, we took a break. Emily still had her piano lessons, and that was it. I kind of enjoyed being lazy not doing so much.  But this has been the year of the handstand/backbend/cartwheel for Emily.  I asked her a few months ago if she wanted to take a gymnastics class.  She said no.  Last week, she changed her mind.  I asked Ben if he wanted to take a class of some sort, and he said he wants to learn to be a ninja.  Noah said he wanted to be a ninja too.  Noah's never taken any sort of class and karate may be just what he needs to whip his attitude into place before preschool starts.

I made the phone calls and got traia classes set up for this week.  Emily went to a girls level 1 gymnastics class on Monday.  She loved it, and they said she was ready for girls level 2.  All those handstands this summer paid off.

Today, I took Ben and Noah to taekwondo.  Ben's class was first and then Noah's.  Ben did great.  He loved it and it was good to see him work up a sweat.  Noah sat and watched Ben asking when it would finally be his turn.  Ben's class finished and Noah was up.  He walked out on the mat.  The instructor asked them to run 2 laps.  Noah ran one.  Stopped at the corner and started to cry.  No real tears, but he wasn't happy.  He came over to us and that was that.  He was done.

Insert a lesson from one of my worst parenting moments.  Emily was in preschool and her class was singing a song on stage.  Emily barely moved her lips and didn't move.  Afterwards, I yelled at her.  I told her she won't shut up at home and she gets up there and doesn't do a darn thing.  I've regretted that moment ever since.  I should've just loved her cute shy self and gave her a big hug for trying her best. I've asked her to forgive me for being such a bitch witch that day, and she forgave me easily.   But, I've never forgiven myself, and I often tell her how that was one of the worst things I've ever done as a parent.

Lesson learned for the third child.  I didn't get mad at Noah or frustrated.  We waited a few minutes and I asked if he wanted to try again.  He didn't and we left.  Ben loved the class though, and we'll be back next week.  Maybe Noah will want to give it another chance then.  But if not, I'm okay with that...


Anonymous said...

Yea for Emily and Ben and for Noah as well. He must have gotten overwhelmed at realizing he was in the spotlight, because everyone knows he could certainly run two laps without a problem. I think your mention of giving him another chance next week and if he refuses then he is not ready yet. However making him aware of his BIG upcoming birthday may persuade him that he is ready.
I remember when Em and Ben did gymnastics a few years ago that Emily was very good even then. I remember going with her dad to watch her on a Sat. morning in Prescott and she was one of the best in her group at that time.Hope it works out for her.Anyway thanks for the update , I was wondering what was new Grampie was just sad there were no pics. :( .
Hard to believe they will be back at school next week. The summer seemed to have just flown by.

Linda said...

Don't ask Sarah for my worst parenting moments - since she's nearly 18, there are a ton of those moments. ;) Pinching her when she wouldn't stop whining in Walmart immediately comes to her mind anytime we talk about it, and no that wasn't last week.

I love what you shared and you do a wonderful job. We're bound to make mistakes. I never pushed Sarah into anything really - she never did any sports and had no interest in that. I guess I encouraged her, like you do, to try things - and basically music is where it's at here. It's the only thing she's stuck with.

No school here until the 20th of August, so we're heading off on some more vacation adventures soon. In the meantime though, she is at the school for 2 weeks - Band camp every day.

Love, Linda