Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation, Day 5

Today we took a boat road into Sandpoint. It's a nice ride. It takes about an hour.

We played on the beach there.
Noah thought he found gold nuggets.
Ben always runs. He runs everywhere. Even on the beach.
Emily practice handstands and splits. She almost has them down. I'm so proud of her as she's been working on them for months.
My sweet kiddos.
We ate pizza for lunch. It was extra gooey with cheese. My Dad and Suzy thought it was too much cheese, but I can't imagine there is such a thing. After we left Noah hitched a ride on my Dad's bike.
Then, David ended up carrying both of the boys. Ben's belly hurt a little. Maybe he thought there was too much cheese.
We passed under a train as we were leaving. This is the same tracks our Amtrak train will be on tomorrow night.
Emily and David on the boat. I have a picture of the 2 of them on the boat almost every year since she was one.
Ben was relaxing on the boat. He has to have the best eyelashes ever. He could make Snuffaluffagus jealous.
My Dad and David brought bikes to Sandpoint. While the kids played on the beach, they rode their bikes to McDonalds. They only had 4 varieties of minions from Despicable Me 2 left, but we got them. I gave them to the kids on the boat and they were so happy.
What I'm realizing about kids is they don't get tired and they don't have motion sickness. They wanted to go right on the jet skis when we got home. Here's David killing two birds with one stone, or satisfying two kids on one jet ski.
I put putted around with Noah. That's more my speed.
I think we are going for a nice relaxing night. My Dad and Suzy are out mowing the lawn. Grandma Suzy took Noah for a ride on the John Deere. They make chores fun for the kids!

It's been 5 days that we've been away from home, and I won't say the kids are missing it yet. But, tonight Emily asked if she could make a video which is her favorite thing to do at home, and Ben is drawing right now which is all he does at home.

Tomorrow is our last day here in Idaho. Then, we start on our Amtrak adventure to Vancouver. When I made the reservation, our train was leaving Sandpoint at 10:50. I was worried as that's really late, but it is what it is. I just looked at our tickets and the time is 11:50! They must have changed something as it took them 2 months to send my tickets. I'm hoping everything goes well.

But, first we have all day tomorrow to enjoy ourselves! And we will!


Linda said...

A wonderful last day there and wishing you a safe journey onward!

Btw though, THIS kid always had motion sickness... I must have been the most boring child because I've never been a thrill seeker. I'd be the one sitting on the boat doing nothing but basking in the sun. ;)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Your whole vacation sounds wonderful. Doesn't look like any rainy days or hot humid weather for you guys. I wonder if the time on your train tickets is correct? Probably has something to do with the daylight savings time change . I would check with the Amtrack just to be sure. ( yes I know David is rolling his eyes in disgust) Sorry that is just me. In any case enjoy your last few hours and have a safe journey to north of the border.I'll be awaiting your next post.