Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation, Day 2

David started the day with a canoe ride (mode #6).
 photo IMG_6621_zps6007d328.jpg
Suzy made us a great breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Then, it was out on the jet ski's. My Dad took each kid out for the first time.
 photo IMG_6626_zps44d52744.jpg
Noah was crying the whole time that Emily and my Dad were on the water. He couldn't wait to go. He finally go his chance.
 photo IMG_6634_zps5c834148.jpg
Then, my Dad put on the gas and took off.
 photo IMG_6635_zpsf31cc105.jpg
Then, Noah kept saying home and he didn't ask to go on the jet ski again.

Ben had a great time with Papa.
 photo IMG_6648_zps6bf864d5.jpg

Then, Emily went out with her Dad.
 photo IMG_6656_zps7d25ac05.jpg
But, she said he drove too fast.

Here's Noah looking happy (and safe) on the dock.
 photo IMG_6665_zps913a1c6b.jpg
We went for a walk to a park.
 photo IMG_6674_zps649db738.jpg
There was a zipline, but it was broken. The kids hung from the bar.
 photo IMG_6677_zps5f03137a.jpg
 photo IMG_6678_zps369196ae.jpg
 photo IMG_6681_zps1f25ddf2.jpg
David did pull ups.
 photo IMG_6682_zps52f44c5d.jpg
We swung.
 photo IMG_6691_zpsba3e2525.jpg
 photo IMG_6701_zps010f8591.jpg
Then, we got back to the cabin and they watched the clouds on the back of the boat.
 photo IMG_6709_zps20436dad.jpg
We put our feet in the water.
 photo IMG_6714_zps6f28952e.jpg
 photo IMG_6716_zpse477292c.jpg
Then, my Dad and David spent about an hour to put together this Buzz Lightyear Glider/Kite. They finally got it to work and it flew on the first try.
 photo IMG_6727_zpsfe7e4785.jpg
First and last try as it's found a new home in a 30 foot tree.
 photo IMG_6729_zps755ccd8a.jpg
I knew my Dad would be on a mission to get the kite out. I could see the wheels turning in his head. He rigged up a rope with a galvanized elbow pipe thingy on the end. My Dad tried about 20 times and handed it over to David. I think it was David's 30th try and he looped the kite and branch and got it out. Yea!

We ended the night with a walk through the woods.
 photo IMG_6731_zps33baa12a.jpg
Emily liked all the flowers along the side.
 photo IMG_6733_zps513174de.jpg
She was even happy to pose for a picture.
 photo IMG_6738_zps2c2a89d1.jpg
It was another nice beautiful day. I think we are taking a long boat ride tomorrow into town.


Anonymous said...

Gina, I love, love, love that you are doing a day by day blog of alltheexciting things you are doing. Looks and sounds like so much fun. Your Dad and Suzy really make it exciting for all.The kiye up in the tree must have been a pain for some but a great lesson in perserverance for the kids. Love that you included it. The picture of Em with all the roadside daisies is so sweet.
Thanks again for your efforts and be sure to include yourself in a few more pics.
Have fun and be safe....

Anonymous said...

Excuse all the misspelled words. Using my nook and can't figure out how to scroll back up to check for errors before sending it off. Lol! I know excuses excuses...

Linda said...

I'm enjoying your travel journal! :)

Love, Linda