Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation, Day 1

Today was the day we have been waiting for. Our 2 week vacation started! It was just the break we all needed. We left the house a few minutes before 7. I think the kids were super excited.
The kids thought the shuttle to the airport was fun. I'm taking a picture next to everything we are on as I think we are covering every mode of transportation on this trip. Mode #1, the car (see picture above)
Mode #2, aiport shuttle
 photo IMG_6455_zps52fa1a62.jpg
We got to the airport and went through security. I always breath a sigh of relief when we get to the gate and sit down.
Mode #3, airplane (the boys were thrilled I made them stop playing for a photo)
 photo IMG_6459_zpsac2e0f62.jpg
The airplane ride was uneventful, just what I like. On the way to the cabin, Noah just couldn't take the excitement anymore and fell asleep on me.

We turn off to the road to the cabin and my Dad, me and the kids get out of the car to walk down the forest lined road. Ben and Emily took off running.
Mode #4, feet
 photo IMG_6460_zps498f3187.jpg
My Dad put up a new toy for the kids this year. A swing! Such fun.
 photo IMG_6466_zps96084c37.jpg
Even the big kid got a turn.
 photo IMG_6471_zpsd24d750f.jpg
Noah pretending to drive the pontoon boat. Noah was only 1 (almost 2) the last time we were here. So, this is all new to him.
 photo IMG_6477_zps22e25ea8.jpg
It was warm out, so the kids and David took a dip. Ben practicing his cannon ball.
 photo IMG_6488_zps62e778fb.jpg
David jumped off the dock and practiced his.
 photo IMG_6512_zps73231c99.jpg
 photo IMG_6485_zps00f4cfa0.jpg
Aren't David and Noah funny. They are walking exactly the same.
David and Noah taking a dip.
Emily loves the trampoline. They all do, but her especially which is no surprise since this is the summer of gymnastics for her. That's all she wants to do.
 photo IMG_6519_zpsc6e23c5a.jpg
Suzy made us a yummy pasta dinner. Then, we took a little boat ride.
Mode #5, pontoon boat
 photo IMG_6525_zps331c30ed.jpg
My girl looking pretty.
 photo IMG_6533_zps46b5a47a.jpg
I love seeing my husband so relaxed. He just fell asleep on the sofa before 9:00.
 photo IMG_6548_zps33bbdb5f.jpg
My Dad taught Noah how to drive the boat. He liked that.
 photo IMG_6572_zps7a18e7e7.jpg
We chased the ducks with the boat.
 photo IMG_6550_zps7bec0d22.jpg
My girl looking pretty again. She can't help it.
 photo IMG_6593_zps251fc35f.jpg
Then, Emily had a turn at the wheel.
My Dad let her go fast. She liked that.
 photo IMG_6612_zps23325669.jpg
So far, so good. It's so nice here. We have 14 days of vacation and we only have 2 things on the agenda the whole time. RELAX and HAVE FUN. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!


Linda said...

All wonderful!!! I especially love the photo of your family on the pontoon boat with the sun reflecting, it's a great photo and the one of Emily driving the boat with your Dad looking on. Looks like a perfect vacation.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

You're off to a great start! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful recounting of a wonderful day! Everyone looks so happy that you are in Idaho.For the first time I see Emily looking like her Mom in the last picture of her that you posted.Very nice! Hope you guys havea great time with your Dad and Suzy. Say hello for me.