Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dentist, Fireworks and Pool Party

This is my catch up post before we head off for vacation for 2 weeks. Here it goes...

I took all 3 kids and myself to the dentist last week. I was worried how it would go. Luckily my list of threats paid off, and they behaved while I was in the chair. This was Noah's first appointment at the dentist. He did good.
Ben, on the other hand, was another story. At least he didn't accuse the hygienist of choking him to death like last time. But, she filled his mouth with water and before she stuck the straw in to suck it out, he spit it out in his best Old Faithful impression. Oh, it was pretty embarrassing.

We usually don't do much on the 4th, and we watch fireworks from the backyard. Now that Noah is a little older and only screams half the time instead of all the time, we decided to head to the park and see the fireworks. We found a great spot and got to watch the show.
It didn't take long, and all 3 kids were on the roof of the van watching the fireworks. It was fun. We'll do that again.

We went to a birthday party for some family friends. It was at the pool at the YMCA. We haven't been there in years. They now do a swim test and put on a colored bracelet on the kids so they know where they can go without an adult. In order to get the green "go anywhere" bracelet, you had to swim the length of this pool and back without holding on to the side. Now, my kids are good swimmers, but they usually don't swim 200 feet without stopping. Ben was happy to be done at this point. Emily thought she might die.
 photo MG_6351_zps316516f0.jpg
Noah loved the shallow pool.
 photo MG_6354_zps5844ebbf.jpg
 photo MG_6378_zps9cb04b84.jpg
 photo MG_6369_zpsdd7467c7.jpg

The slide is always a hit but because Ben is so small he flies all over.
 photo MG_6359_zps16461ffd.jpg
 photo MG_6383_zps6118e9b2.jpg
 photo MG_6390_zpsf23922af.jpg
 photo MG_6392_zps09dda1a3.jpg
 photo MG_6391_zps97c4be91.jpg

Emily likes to pose on the slide.
 photo MG_6385_zpsca77d035.jpg
 photo MG_6387_zpsff9c80fc.jpg
 photo MG_6357_zpsc50d3b27.jpg

And Noah...well, this photo just makes me smile.
 photo MG_6397_zps36565312.jpg

If you had a green band, you could go off the diving board. Ben couldn't wait and jumped right off.
 photo MG_6361_zpsf211be1c.jpg
Emily was super nervous. She used to be my dare devil, but not so much anymore. She finally did it though.
 photo MG_6366_zpse074f73a.jpg
After that, there was no stopping her. She must have made 40 more jumps off that diving board.

It's been a fun and busy week. Now, I'm busy packing and getting ready for our 2 week long vacation. We head to my Dad and Suzy's in Idaho on Thursday. On Tuesday night, we board an Amtrak train that will take us to Seattle. We have a 2 hour layover there (just enough to go to Pikes Market) and we board a bus to head to Vancouver. We spend the night there, rent a car and next Thursday, we'll take a ferry to David's Aunt and Uncle in Gibsons where we get to spend 5 fun days. We are going to be on just about every mode of transportation...plane, train, bus, ferry, car, not to mention at my Dad's, we'll have jet skis, pontoon boat, canoe. David is seasick just thinking about it.

My next post will be from my Dad and Suzy's cabin in Idaho. Woot!


Linda said...

Appreciated your update and loved the photos. I was surprised that your area still had fireworks since I had heard that most areas out west cancelled fireworks due to the threat of fire. Glad you enjoyed a nice night.

Have a safe trip with lots of fun! ♥
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics and they were worth waiting for. The pool party looked like lots of fun for all. I guess the next two weeks of vacation should provide lots of water fun. Say hi to the Idaho family and the BC family for me. Wish I could be there too. Have a great time ...