Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Piano Camp

Emily's piano teacher had a piano camp for her 4 students a few weeks ago. I'm a little behind posting. My Stepmom Suzy texted today to ask if I was busy or having too much fun to blog. How about busy having too much fun! In any case, piano camp was a huge hit! The girls all had a great time.

The composed their own music during camp. Mrs. Stacy put it in a program on the computer that plays the notes they made up. This was Emily's. She called it Summertime.

They did all sorts of fun activities and the last was decorating a piano cake. The Mom's got to come help with that part.
Here are all the girls. One just quit taking lessons and the other just started. Mrs. Stacy is a busy lady.
I'm so proud that Emily still wants to play piano and enjoys it. I know we all wish we would've stuck with it as a kid and I'm so happy she is having fun and learning something that she will have with her for the rest of her life.


Linda said...

Wonderful camp, wonderful teacher and Emily is doing great! :)

Yes, playing piano/taking lessons is supposedly one of the things that people as adults regret giving up. Sarah gave it up, but stuck with music at least all the way through high school. I never had lessons and yet have an ear for playing and am self taught. Thank goodness for God-given gifts. :)

I'm with you on having too much fun to write or do other things. It took everything I had to get those vacation photos posted and now I'm not feeling like doing that anymore, along with writing. I just want to be out enjoying summertime, like you.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Gina, So happy that Emily is having those magical musical experiences. I just wonder is there anyway to make those videos have a little louder sound. I have the computer on top sound and yet we can not hear the music. Of course I don't have external speakers on my computer which may be part of the problem but yet I can hear most other videos posted from other sources. I know you are probably thinking what a whiner but I just wanted to let you know in case others are experiencing a similar problem. Emily looks so proud and I'm sure that was a beautiful composition. ♥♥♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rie...Well I said you were either too busy or having too much fun...or both...and that I hoped it was both! Glad it was. Emily is progressing so well. We are so proud of her! See you in about 2 wks! Love you all! Dad and Suzy