Friday, June 7, 2013

Lazy Days

We have plenty on our agenda this summer. Piano lessons on Monday. Movies on Wednesday's. Friday playing tennis and swimming. But in between those moments, we have lots of down time. I'm making the kids do worksheets to keep their brains sharp. Emily loves them for the most part. Ben agonizes over them and it takes him 2 hours to complete a sheet. He's smart as a whip and could finish it in 2 minutes, but he'd rather watch Finding Bigfoot.

Sometimes we get bored and dress up Noah in Hello Kitty which is always amusing.

My Mom has also moved out. She's back in Phoenix at my sister's house helping her out right now. She comes to everyones rescue when needed. It was nice having her here and I know my sister needs her help now.

I stripped her bed and got it ready for Pam who is coming to visit tomorrow. Emily and Noah took it upon themselves to do some gymnastics on the bed. It was really cute. They've all been playing well together and not fighting much. I haven't even started drinking yet. I may just make it through the summer.

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Linda said...

HA! Margarita night here in between watching the Blackhawks.

I'm glad you have lots of down time in between activities. To me, that's a perfect summer.

Sarah barely has a free moment this month but it's all good. As you saw on facebook, she's in Arkansas with her Dad's family right now and then she just returns from that and her sister will be arriving and we'll be off for 7 days in Gatlinburg and neighboring NC. Life is good. Especially in the summer. :)

Keep having fun.
Love, Linda