Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Fun Day

Sometimes I feel like staying home with three kids is hard. Really hard. I start recalculating our expenses to see if I can afford a nanny. Then, I realize I am the nanny and decide I better do something to tire these kids out.

Enter Friday Fun Day. My friend Dakri and I are still trying to get in 3 workouts a week with the kids out of school. We decided to incorporate them in our Friday tennis. We brought rackets for everyone, basketballs, hula hoops, etc and let the kids loose. Yes, that's Noah climbing the fence. Whatever works.  Emily made 5 baskets!
Ben and Josh threw some squish ball back and forth.
The boys practiced basketball.  Well, I think Noah just complained about not being able to dribble.
We also all played tennis at some point. I brought my iphone and docking station and put on some music. It was a nice Friday morning.

Then, we rewarded ourselves with a few hours at the pool.
It's these moments that I realize I have it pretty darn good.


Linda said...

I'd say you do! :) Looks like fun, easy-time summer, just the kind of days I love.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun time for all! The hard part must have been getting it all organized and the car packed with equipment... sounds a bit like a mini camping trip. :)
It was funny that Noah eas climbing verticle rather than on the usualhorizontal kind of exploration...