Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We hear of tornadoes in Oklahoma or storms back East and we are thankful that we live in a very mother nature friendly state. We don't have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. What we do have to worry about is caused by man and spreads with the drought that our state has been in for...well, forever. Fire.

Today our neighboring town is on fire. It's about 15 miles from us, so we are fine. Our good friends however were forced to evacuate this afternoon. These are the people who we go to their house for Halloween and they have a haunted forest in their backyard. The haunted forest is in jeopardy of burning down. Luckily, no structures have burned, but there is zero percent containment. I feel for my friends and can't imagine what it's like when 911 calls you. That's how they were notified. A reverse 911 call to get your valuables, keepsakes, family and pets in the car and get out praying for the best.
One more
On a lighter note, we went to the pool tonight like we do every night. The kids were in awe of the sky. The sun looked bright red and you could look right at it with all the smoke in front of it.
The sun behind the smoke
Ben said the most awesome thing. "Is this the end of the world? If it is, I can only say, I have no regrets."

That kid is the best. I wish we could all live like him.


Anonymous said...

Gina, I was wondering if your friends in that part of town are doing OK. did they get back in their home? Fir sure it must have been scary for them. At least in your area there are no forests close by at least not any touching on your property. Hope that doesn't put a damper on your camping plans.☼

Anonymous said...

That fir should have been for Sorry....G.

Piper AndTheKids said...

I hope all is well for your friends :(

Linda said...

Ben's comment is so awesome!!

I hadn't even heard about the fires until I saw a brief news story on vacation and when I heard a familiar town, I got worried and checked facebook. Glad to know that your town is safe, but I hope they get that fire under containment soon!

Love, Linda