Monday, June 17, 2013


I know everybody says they have the greatest Dad in the world, but I seriously do. Hard working, devoted, loving, knows just about everything. That's my Dad, and I couldn't be more grateful. We are on our way to visit him (and my wonderful stepmom) in a month. We are looking forward to more memories like this.
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With such a great role model on what a Dad should be, it's no wonder that I picked David. I knew he would be a great Dad, but he amazes me in all that he is. He gives and gives and when he's exhausted at the end of the day, he falls asleep with Noah in his arms. It's Noah's favorite way to sleep. He loves his Dad.
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Emily is convinced she will marry him one day. I love that and we intend to let her believe it as long as she can.
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She even made him a heart pancake on Father's Day.
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The picture I took of David and Ben didn't turn out good, so I'm not posting it. But, they went to see Superman on Saturday. They see every superhero movie together. But, I know that Ben thinks the best superhero is his Dad.

We ended up at the pool for Father's Day. I think I have a picture of David and the kids at the pool every year. I'll have to put them together one day.

These kids are blessed beyond measure to have David and their Papa in their life. I know they are too young to appreciate all that they have, but one day they will know, and they will be grateful.


Anonymous said...

AND THESE KIDS HAVE A WONDERFUL MOTHER AS WELL, AND I AM BLESSED TO HAVE THE 'perfect in my Eyes" step daughter....and it pains me to say "step daughter" AS I COULDN'T LOVE YOU MORE IF YOU WERE MY VERY OWN! Suzy

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post , Gina. Yes, David is fortunate that he found you and that you decided he was a keeper. The kids are lucky to have both of you as parents. Pete is also lucky to have a daughter that gives back just as much as he gives. With you he has a daughter that returns all his love and generosity. I hope your three little jewels grow up following your example .♥

Anonymous said...

Wow! I clicked on comments and my first post about my wonderful son-n-law wasn't even there! That has happened to me before...anyway David, no one deseves a "Father's Day Greeting" more than you. You are the whole package...Father, Husband, and Son-n-law...and we are all blessed to have you in our lives. Work all day and it's wife and kids as priority the moment you walk in the door. I should have been so lucky to have someone like you as father to my kids...Gina knows her fortune there. We love you and know you had the kind of day you deserve! Pete and Suzy

Linda said...

You have a wonderful family and you're right - such a blessing. I love the photos of your Dad with the kids, because he's so doting on them and that's how I think Grandparents should be. It's not always the case, unfortunately. I hope that someday I can be like that with my Grandkids. :)

Love, Linda