Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We went camping last weekend to White Horse Lake. This makes our third annual trip there with the same two other families. We always have such a good time. We got there and started setting up our tent. The boys took off for the lake.
 photo IMG_6044_zps83d2b430.jpg
The girls were excited to sit in the raft and couldn't wait to get it out on the water.
 photo IMG_6048_zpsa305e77c.jpg
Brooke and Noah are so cute together. He tries to pretend he doesn't like her, but he does.
 photo IMG_6053_zps51342a99.jpg
Now, I think this is weird, but the girls liked playing with the worms for fishing. Ben and Noah wouldn't hold them, but Emily did.
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One of the girls came running back from the lake saying that Noah was stuck. He stepped in the mud. David had to save him.
 photo IMG_6061_zps16be4026.jpg
Noah was happy after his feet got cleaned off.
 photo IMG_6071_zps37631a9a.jpg
First worms and now these girls were trying to catch frogs.
 photo IMG_6077_zps611cd120.jpg
Ben is doing his "whoop" call which they do on Finding Bigfoot. We didn't find him.
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My husband looking handsome.
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The older boys took the boat out at sunset.
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This is the only picture that I'm in. David takes one on every trip to prove I was there.
 photo IMG_6099_zpsd16faea5.jpg
Our friends, Dakri and Ryan.
 photo IMG_6106_zps0519d849.jpg
I love this view....
 photo IMG_6115_zps5ec52aac.jpg
The kids playing some games in the morning, and Amy enjoying some coffee.
 photo IMG_6125_zpsddd90030.jpg
The girls were practicing sewing. From worms to sewing.
 photo IMG_6127_zpsc78df406.jpg
we have a tent. Dakri and Ryan have a tent trailer. Mark and Amy have a mansion on wheels. Needless to say, whenever we couldn't find Noah, we knew exactly where he'd be. In the mansion.
 photo IMG_6129_zpsdfa5a30f.jpg
David took the kids out on a boat ride.
 photo IMG_6144_zps6cdb5bba.jpg
Amy helped the girls string beads to make necklaces. Because that's what these girls do after catching frogs.
 photo IMG_6183_zps6ad0c2ff.jpg
After dinner on our second day, we all went fishing.
 photo IMG_6194_zps98c01956.jpg
We knew we wouldn't catch anything, but the kids thought it was fun. We only have 2 poles. Noah had to go first. He's the smallest kid with the loudest voice.
 photo IMG_6195_zps72974fe9.jpg
Emily drank some raspberry fruit water that gave her a red mustache.
 photo IMG_6206_zpsc21dce79.jpg
Ben finally got a turn fishing.
 photo IMG_6213_zps241fcd7d.jpg
Noah wasn't very happy about giving up his fishing pole. So he cried. His face was dirty because well, we are camping after all, and the mix of tears made it look like his mascara was running.
 photo IMG_6217_zps3d43f5a8.jpg
This is Mark & Amy's youngest girl, Brooke. Emily and her bonded. Emily told me she wants a little sister with soft fuzzy hair just like Brooke. Um, not going to happen. But, you can babysit her in a few years.
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The last morning we are there, we pretty much get up, get packed and head for home. We always get one last group photo of the kids.
 photo IMG_6265_zpsc05b13ef.jpg
We are already planning our trip for next year and tossing around the idea of 3 nights. I don't know if I have it in me. The kids have such a good time though that I might just cave.


Anonymous said...

Well, like I said in the other blog, I hoped you were both busy and having fun!(And in the text I sent that I would take "no blog" as a GOOD THING!):0)
Sounds like the kids are really enjoying their summer break, and it's not over yet...soon it will be Idaho and Canada...looking forward to it! Suzy

Linda said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun time!! :)

(I'll take the mansion on wheels though - my idea of camping, lol) Actually I've never been camping. I lived a sheltered life, ha!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great pics and I'm sure a fun time for all especially the kids. All the behind the scenes work by parents was not shown! LOL!It looks like a lot of work goes into organizing the activities for the kids.The age range of the kids is considerable so that must be difficult to try to include all. Once again I am repeating this but I love Noah's longer hair, it makes him seem to be so much more mature.( except for the mascara scene):)
Gina, whether you really know it or not all your efforts at keeping us updated about your lives is truly appreciated especially by "the grandparents way over here in Florida". It really serves to keep us in touch in a way that would not happen without the regular updates.Thank you. ♥