Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My sweet husband turned 42 today.

Emily just came up and asked if she could help me write the blog. I said sure. So this is what she said as I typed:
My Dad is awesome. He likes to watch Walking Dead. hehehe, I'm just joking. We had steaks for dinner. (Would that be okay or no? Do you not want me to write that?) hehehehe What the heck? hehehehe

Okay, that didn't last long. She's off to play with Noah.

Back to my sweet husband...

While David was at work, the kids and I made him a cake.
 photo IMG_5981_zps0ba73a00.jpg

Luckily, it called for 3 eggs, so each kid could dump one in.
 photo IMG_5982_zpsbcc91e3f.jpg

They were so eager to help. I thought they just wanted to do something nice for their Dad. But, I think they just wanted to lick the spatulas, beater and bowl.
 photo IMG_5986_zps72db18b9.jpg

Then, it came time to decorate it. Emily made a comment that this must be a special cake since it has 2 layers. I think I'm guilty of just using the easy 13x9 too often. The kids all put on sprinkles. And I swear Noah's toe only went into the frosting once!
 photo IMG_5989_zpscdd05968.jpg

And they picked out the candles. David is 24 apparently. He'll like that.
 photo IMG_5991_zps09eca944.jpg

We were going to go out to eat, but with David having to work and what not, we just decided to stay home. I got David the thickest ribeye from Safeway. It was a thing of beauty. I made baked potatoes, salad and some sourdough bread. It was delicious and much better than anything we'd get at a restaurant.

The kids couldn't wait for him to open gifts. Emily wrapped all his presents for him.
 photo IMG_5995_zps471a6ff0.jpg

I got him a new collection of ringer tees from Old Navy. His summertime staple but in a size smaller since he's lost so much weight.
 photo IMG_6000_zps1571232f.jpg

Then, e went to the pool like we do every night and tried to get Noah to do a swim lesson. He was terrified at first. He went from his floaties to the noodle pretzel. Then, he took that off and I don't know what happened. He was doing great. No fear what so ever. That can be good and bad.

We came home and had cake. The kids put in the candles.
 photo IMG_6001_zps5a763331.jpg

I snapped a few pictures.
 photo IMG_6010_zps15405f01.jpg

And I told the kids to smile nice. This is their response. Um, no thanks.
 photo IMG_6012_zps0a64b2fd.jpg

We sang happy birthday.
 photo IMG_6017_zpsbc88e885.jpg

And they all made a wish and blew out the candles.
 photo IMG_6020_zps2d5d01d5.jpg

It was a quiet, relaxing evening at home with the family. And that's just what David likes best. We truly are so lucky to have him as a dad and husband. Happy Birthday babe.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
May God bless and keep you,
Happy Birthday to you!

That's the 2nd verse always sung at all birthdays at our house. I don't know why but it came from our Hoffman family growing up. I should ask my parents sometime what started that 2nd verse.

Anyway, all good wishes of course to David! You guys are blessed with such a wonderful family.

Loved reading about the perfect Birthday and seeing the photos and videos. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

ugh... shows my mind is not what it used to be at 48. (Just wait, David, lol)

I screwed up the lyrics that we've been singing since I was born...

It's -

And we wish you many more,
and we wish you many more,
may God bless and keep you,
Happy Birthday to you!!


Anonymous said...

Lol Linda... ☺
I'm so happy that David had a great birthday and Gina you are absolutely correct when you mentioned that David loves to be with his family. For him that is perfect.. Now if Clapton tickets were in the offing, he might like that too but what he really loves are his wife and children .. a little or big rib eye on the side is not a bad add on. The cake looked delicious and I'm sure was made with lots of love as well.
Glad he had a Happy(24th)Oops 42nd Birthday.

Piper AndTheKids said...

Happy belated Birthday, David!