Saturday, June 29, 2013

24 Hours

I'm always on the hunt for a good bargain, not only in the grocery store but on fun family activities. When I recently came across a few deals for fun in Flagstaff (a town about 90 minutes away), I couldn't pass them up.

David came home from work on Thursday, and we headed out of town. We got into Flagstaff and headed right to dinner. Our original idea for dinner didn't pan out as the wait was 40 minutes. We headed to one of our favorites, Wildflower Bread Company. Ben and Emily shared one of their favorites, a chicken ceasar salad. I don't know too many 7 and 8 year olds who are thrilled with a chicken ceasar salad, but my kids love it!
Well not all my kids, Noah ate butter noodles.
We finished eating and headed to the Lowell Observatory. This is the place they discovered Pluto.
 photo IMG_6278_zpsf081070d.jpg
They had a bunch of hands on exhibits the kids enjoyed.
 photo IMG_6283_zps602a84c3.jpg
Then, we got to look through the telescope that helped discover Pluto.
 photo IMG_6290_zps05833b26.jpg
We saw a star cluster that was 30,000 light years away and like 14 billion years old. Amazing.

Then, we got some ice cream. This picture of Noah makes me laugh. He has an astronaut and an ice cream.
 photo IMG_6291_zps7363ba82.jpg
We check in our hotel late and went to sleep. In the morning, we woke up and went to breakfast. The kids are too funny. Emily didn't like the pancakes because they weren't like her Dad's. I'll admit, they were bland. Ben didn't like the cinnamon rolls because they weren't like mine. They were too sweet. They like what they like.

We finished eating and headed to the pool. The kids thought this was the best thing ever! It was indoor/outdoor and had some flaps to separate the two.
 photo IMG_6295_zps0dee21e2.jpg
Noah was a bit skeptical at first and if he wanted to go from inside to outside, he got out of the pool walked through the glass door and jumped in the other side. He finally made a run for it.
 photo IMG_6296_zps89f30e68.jpg
 photo IMG_6297_zps43ead2e5.jpg
He was thrilled he finally did it.
 photo IMG_6298_zps8e871b7c.jpg
We had the pool to ourselves for awhile. David helped Ben perfect his superhero poses. It helps he's still only 45 pounds.
 photo IMG_6317_zps8922455a.jpg
 photo IMG_6321_zps8780a942.jpg
We finished at the pool, got ready and headed to the mountains. Snow Bowl is the ski resort in Flag and we took the summer scenic chair lift ride. Emily was really excited and nervous. It's so neat to see her having so much fun.
 photo IMG_6324_zps6318281f.jpg
 photo IMG_6327_zps1caaf103.jpg
I was on the lift with Ben. He was praying the whole way. It didn't help that there were storm clouds all around us and thunder and lightning. Ben kept saying, "Dear God, please don't zap us, I'm too young to die." He's a riot. It was never unsafe, just a little scary.

Here are the kids at the top.
 photo IMG_6329_zpsd9efcb4e.jpg
Me and the kids, you know to prove I was there.
 photo IMG_6333_zps50558a62.jpg
Our little family.
 photo IMG_6335_zpsa05edeff.jpg
It was a really stunning view and the weather was just perfect. Nice and cool and the rain held off until after we were off the mountain.
 photo IMG_6342_zpsa38828d6.jpg
We then headed to lunch and were back on our way home. It was a 24 hour vacation, but we really packed a lot into that time. The kids had such a blast. We all did. You know it's been a good trip when you turn around in to look at the back seat and you see this.
 photo IMG_6349_zpsc0aff045.jpg
They are getting older and these type of trips are easier. I think we'll see more nights away just for fun more often. Where else can we go and what can we see and do in 24 hours? The sky's the limit! Actually about 100 miles is the limit as that's as far as we want to go in a day!


Linda said...

Great photos and lots of fun! :) Except for that ski lift ride.... no, I'd never ever get on another of those and I'm serious. I'd be the one waiting for everyone at the bottom of the mountain, lol.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! Love Ben's super hero poses! Love, Pam

Anonymous said...

BTW, your new top is super, cute! Looking good my friend!;)

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures and story of your recent 24 hours.... It all looked like fun. I heard there was a line up at the Observatory, that might not have been too much fun but all else looked like a great little respite from life in PV and like you said now that the kids are older may happen more often. I agree Ben has those poses down pat.Hard to believe he is still only 45 lbs. Gregory was I believe 46 or 47 when I was there last month. Imagine Ben is double Gregs age and Greg is not heavy looking at all but just a big kid.
As always thanks for sharing.♥

Piper AndTheKids said...

Ben cracks me up :)

Sterling wants to tell Ben their glasses are similar and that they share a name (Sterling's middle name is Benjamin). He also thinks Ben is a cool name because it is like his current favorite cartoon, Ben 10 :p