Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today is a great day! We made our last payment on our van. She's all ours.
She only has 42,000 miles (that's it in 5 years!) and David's has about the same mileage, again in 5 years. There's something to be said about a small town when your work is 7 miles from your house and since stores are not around the corner, I only make 1 trip into town a week. In any case, we paid cash for David's car 5 years ago, so we never had payments on his. We plan to keep these cars for at least another 5 years. I actually told Emiily she might get Daddy's red Honda Civic when she is 16, and she said she rather have my mini van! She'll obviously change her mind by then.

The best news is that we are 100% debt free now. We own our home and our 2 cars. Not a single payment to any bank every month. And I'm thrilled to not see $329.07 come out of my checking again. Not a penny of credit card debt either. We use our credit cards for convenience and the rewards, but pay them off in full every month. I think this is a huge accomplishment. I'm proud of David and I as it's really easy to live beyond our means and rack up debt. But, we both live modestly and only buy things when needed. Then, we can afford great vacations with our family.

It feels great!


Linda said...

This is amazing and you should be proud!!!

There's no way I could have paid off our house by now - I still have 17 years to go on our 30-year mortgage though the mortgage portion is only $400 per month, so that's pretty incredible (that's why we bought where we did - affordable).

I also cannot believe the low mileage on your paid-off car. Again, you are lucky!!! You know the story on ours - Jim puts on miles BIG TIME - by the time our Hyundai was paid off in 5 years, it had over 150,000 miles on it and it's much older now, so you can imagine.

Still, like you, we live without credit and we spend pretty lavishly on vacations and family parties, even treating Sarah's friends to much over the years. I wouldn't change a minute.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!! xoxo
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Good job , Gina. ☼ You know the credit(literally) goes to you and your money management skills. David admitted as recently as a few minutes ago that his math skills are still lacking and along with that comes $$ management so congrats to you.

Piper AndTheKids said...

Yay! That is fantastic :)

Sarah said...

This is so fabulous! Congratulations!