Friday, May 17, 2013

The First of Many

Emily's big project for the last month in class has been writing her first research paper. She had to gather facts and information about a sea animal. Her teacher had 22 sea animals for kids to pick from. Emily was third from last to pick and picked a spiny dogfish. What the heck is that? It's a small shark. Who knew?

All the writing was done in class, so luckily, my involvement was minimal. Her teacher taught them exactly what they were supposed to do. Then, they had to make a diorama at home and bring it to class. They had to read their report to the class and show everyone their diorama. Emily was really nervous about the presentation part. She's never done that before.

She had fun making the diorama. I only helped her make the shark. David helped blend yellow, red and blue to get a grayish brown color. I helped cut a few parts of the shark with a sharp knife. Other than that, she did all the rest. She did a great job and she liked how it turned out.
 photo IMG_5812_zps15dc1cea.jpg
I wish I could've been a fly on the wall when she read her report. I know she was a little quiet and shy and that's just how she is. She's perfect. I wanted to put the report here, so that one day she can look back on it and everything she learned about a spiny dogfish.
 photo IMG_zpse289761d.jpg
 photo IMG_0001_zps1bc8b8eb.jpg
Four more days of school left and my girl is moving on to fourth grade! How can that be???? I'm so proud of the smart, beautiful girl that she is.


Anonymous said...

Oh my Emily, I am so proud of your great project/presentation.How interesting to learn new and interesting facts and to have them presented so nicely. Special thanks to your mom and Dad for helping make sure you did the best job possible. Love it. A 2 page report from an eight year old is pretty AMAZING!

Linda said...

That's wonderful, Emily did a great job!!

Everyone I know (Jim and I included) the parents do the majority of the work on these school projects. In fact, I still have a ton of Sarah's old projects around the house (saving them because they were too good to throw away). I just came across one in the shed over the weekend and Jim and I reminisced about when he made the shapes for the Junior High Geometry project with her. His involvement was immense in all of the projects. ;)

Those were the days. You are looking towards 4th grade and we're looking towards Senior Year. Time flies.
Love, Linda