Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chaise Lounge

Back in the day when I was in my 20's, I had money. Not a ton of money, but I was single and had my own home. I could pretty much buy what I wanted. I shopped at nice stores. I look at some of those stores online now and have heart palpitations. Who would pay $78 for a pair of jeans? Me. Well, 25 year old me. Now, I look for sales at Old Navy. They are having a $19 jean sale right now. That's how the 39 year old me rolls. And, I'm happy with that.

15 years ago, I bought the nicest buttercream chaise lounge from Restoration Hardware. It was a thing of beauty. Soft yet firm. Oversized but not gigantic. Yellow and happy. It made me happy. My chaise lounge came with me from my little 3 bedroom home, to my bigger 5 bedroom family home to our move up North to Prescott. I used to sit in that chair and read the Sunday paper alone. I used to lounge in that chair and nurse my babies. That chaise lounge has been around.

But one thing has always been true about this beautiful chaise lounge.

My dogs have always loved it.

We have big dogs. We don't let them on the sofa or bed. They don't even try. But darn it if they don't all love this chaise lounge.

It started with Forest. I tried to put up barricades like the laundry basket or stool. It didn't work. Then, Roxie feel in love with it. God rest her crazy soul. The chaise has been stored in my Mom's room for several years as we just didn't have the room. We shifted some things around and the chaise came back in the family room where it belongs.

We all love it.
Noah has his morning cup of coffee on it.
Ben reads his Spiderman books there.
Emily lounges with the tablet and watches youtube videos.

And Rocko has found the perfect place for an afternoon nap.
Some things never change.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Rocko on his throne. I see Rocko has on his new shaved down for summer look going on. Can't really tell if he is heavy or not. Remember I thought he was gaining weight when I wad there!
Anyway glad he is included as part of the family and gets to enjoy his time on your special chaise..

Linda said...

Actually, me - a 48-year-old Mom has easily paid $78 for jeans, and dresses, and shoes, and you name it but most of it isn't for me - it's for a 17-year-old daughter with an excellent fashion sense and who gravitates towards unique fashion. I was thrilled when she found thrifty, fashionable finds at the Salvation Army, but that's more of a novelty to her and so, she's always sending me links to Ruche, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, and the like and no, I can't always spend that much, but so frequently I do. :P

Rocko looks sweet. ♥ It's funny because when Winston was alive, he wasn't allowed on some furniture items but then when he tragically left us too soon and we adopted Butters and Lucy, I had a change of heart, and they're pretty much allowed everywhere except for the kitchen table or counters. :O

Love, Linda