Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Piano Recital

Emily had a spring piano concert. It's nice to have one when the set list isn't filled with Christmas carols. Although, that's nice too. A time for everything.

David and I grabbed this pretty spring dress at Costco for her. We both loved it and knew the colors would look perfect with her naturally dark skin. I put on a little lip gloss on her per her request. My girl looks so beautiful. She's growing up.
 photo IMG_5743_zps927be20a.jpg
 photo IMG_5738_zpsb9f8beb8.jpg
 photo IMG_5745_zpsdb2b3515.jpg
 photo 8c53c167-d700-4e6c-a649-9dbc9d8b6b25_zps86d5420a.jpg
Mrs. Stacy had a really cute piano in chalk at her entryway.
 photo IMG_5754_zps60a99485.jpg
Here are the 4 students.
 photo IMG_5761_zpsd02fa69f.jpg
 photo IMG_5770_zpsd7daeda3.jpg
Emily was nervous before the show. With grandparents, there was about 30 people there. She did great!
 photo IMG_5773_zps3c50b2fb.jpg
Mrs. Stacy gave them all a certificate and rose.
 photo IMG_5778_zpsb8a4d594.jpg
 photo IMG_5783_zps41bcc9e2.jpg
It was a lovely evening. I'm so proud of he for sticking with this and learning the piano so well. I never have to tell her to practice, she just does so naturally. So, so proud. And for anybody wanting to watch my girl in all her glory. Here are the videos.

Minuet in G:


Music Land:

All The Pretty Little Horses:

Little Green Frog:


Anonymous said...

So cute. But hey, look at mom and dad. They are all adorable. It was good to see you at Pam's party it had been too long. Noticed she has straight teeth. You are lucking out in that dept. Spoken by the persons who paid for the orthordontics BMW.

Linda said...

Very nice! :)
Love her dress, the pretty photo of the two of you, the cute piano key chalk entry, all of the photos and the videos. Emily does a wonderful job! I had to chuckle at your comment about practice, because it was never that way with Sarah, all throughout piano and the early years of band, I nagged her about practicing. She's rarely ever practiced outside of school, and yet she's 1st Chair Flute, beating out the seniors even, and the Section Leader this next year, so she's done okay even without the practicing much to my chagrin.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all week for these beautiful pics of my sweet and beautiful eldest grandchild. She did a wonderful job and we are so proud of her.
Keep up the good work Em!