Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Concerts

Emily and Ben had their Spring Concerts last week. They have an awesome music teacher who does such a great job and gets the kids jazzed about music. The theme this time was Rock. I like that. Ben had his one night and Emily's was the next. They both did a great job!

Here's Ben making faces at me before the performance.
 photo IMG_5791_zpse476b130.jpg
His first song was Peggy Sue. For the record, he did not like this song what so ever. I think it had to do with "pretty little Peggy Sue, I love you", etc. Not his cup of tea at 7 years old. He still did good.

Then he sang Scooby Doo. That's more his speed.

And Ooby Dooby.

Here's Emily before her performance.
 photo IMG_5805_zps51234f7b.jpg

She sang Burning Love. Which started a whole new infatuation around this house with Lilo & Stitch because it has that song and other Elvis songs in it.

Then, they sang a medley from The Ramones.

They did so great. Music classes have been cut at so many schools. We feel fortunate that we not only have a music program but a great one!


Linda said...

Yes, thank goodness for music class and music teachers!! ♥ Ben and Emily did awesome, love the videos and photos. Did you notice the difference in the kids in these photos versus the high school ones that I posted on fb from Sarah's last concert? They're smiling more in the photos and high school age rarely smile in the group photos, lol. One thing I love though, and I don't know if you noticed on the fb photos, but there are kids in the band wearing Baseball uniforms. That's because they had just come in from a game AND they play in the band as well. That's well-balanced, I tell you. Sports and Music together. :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned the kids are lucky they still have music at their school, and lucky to have a music teacher who tries to keep them in tune with different types of music. I must admit Ben didn't seem too enthusiastic unlike the little guy in the tie behind him. Lol! At the same time it is hard to have a camera focused on you and you being aware of it...and Ben is a little camera shy to start with.. I can't remember him ever willingly let me take his pic. So I think he did pretty well all things considered. Emily seemed a little reserved as well, but I am
glad to see them both having the chance to perform.And I am most happy that their Mommy took the time and energy to share with us. We loved seeing them both and hearing those little ones enjoying the music.