Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can't Stand the Cuteness

Noah is difficult. His moments of cuteness save him.

We had to drop off a project Emily did for school. We were waiting in the hallway as they weren't in there. Come to find out they were exploding soda bottles on the side of school as a Science project. I'm sure it involved mentos too. In any case, Noah discovered the water fountain.

"Ohhhhh, this is amazing. I think it's the best thing ever!"
He didn't even understand that you put your mouth up there and get a drink of water. We'll leave that shocking revelation for another day.


Linda said...

He's adorable <3

Piper AndTheKids said...

I wish I could have put off that bit of knowledge for a bit.....we can't go past a fountain without Bryce melting down if he can't drink from every one :/ It has become one of his rituals *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Love this picture of Noah. He is so sweet and love his new longer locks... Were those his words? How cute....,makes up for the times he'scowling at you.