Thursday, May 23, 2013

73 Days of Summer Vacation

Today was the last day of school. I officially have a 4th grader, 2nd grader and preschooler if we want to get technical. There will be a lot of changes this fall. Good ones. Like saving my sanity with 3 hours all to myself every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have plans. Big plans.

But first, we have 73 days of summer vacation. I have plans for those too. Big plans.

I went to Emily's assembly today. I had my camera all ready to go and filmed the Honor Roll section the Principal did. Emily always gets Honor Roll. She always has one B. The first quarter it was Math. The next was Science. Third quarter was Social Studies. She got A's in all of those subjects, just not at the same time. I quickly realized that the Principal called the kids in Emily's class and she wasn't one of them. I sat stunned for a second. Did she not make Honor Roll? Maybe she got 2 B's this quarter? Maybe she got all A's? So, I filmed the Principal's List (all A's) and sure enough, her names gets called, mispronounced like always. She was the only kid in her class to get it, and less than 10 kids got it for all of third grade. I was so proud and so happy for her. Oh by the way, it was pajama day; hence, the silky pants.

She also got Perfect Attendance. I'm so glad that stomach bug got her on a Sunday!

We are lucky to have her. She is truly a gift.

First grade doesn't have an assembly, so I didn't have to break out the camcorder for Ben. He got all O's on his report card and he also got perfect attendance also. That's a huge thing for Ben because he has an eye appointment in Phoenix every 3 months, so he has to miss a half day for that. Luckily, his appointment is in May and instead of taking the beginning of May, I took the end so he wouldn't miss school. He's never had Perfect Attendance, so that was great. Luckily, the stomach bug got him on a Friday night!

Ben's teacher makes a memory book for the kids. It shows their work from the beginning of the year to the end. I was so impressed when I saw it this afternoon. Here is a fill in the blank writing assignment from their field trip in October.
And here's an essay writing assignment from their last field trip in May.
Translated in case you can't read it since it's light:  Me and my class went to the zoo.  We got to peted amazing reptiles like a spikey beared dragon.  It uses it's pointy spine for portektoin (protection).  I played on the gaint web.  I liked the little monkey.  The zoo smelled.  I'll go back to the zoo.

What a difference!!! He's come such a long way and has really learned a lot this year.

I loved this one about when he is a teenager. Oh boy!

We truly are blessed with such great kids. They always do their best in school and are just all around great students. It seems to come fairly easy to both of them and for that I'm grateful.

Now on to the first day of summer vacation tomorrow. We are headed camping! Not wasting any time on getting this party started.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Such great news! Emily did a great job and we are so proud of her.
Ben has done a fabulous job as well with all his creative talents I hope he does as he predicts ( make books) We always thought David could be a writer but he always said it took too much concentrated effort and thought on his part to make it something he would enjoy. So maybe Ben will be willing to put forth the effort and thought needed to be a "book maker". In any case they both deserve a break and it sounds like you guys have planned a great summer for them I hope they enjoy it and that it inspires Em to make music and for Ben to make books, and for you, Mom you have Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to look forward to.Have Fun!☼

Linda said...

They've done a great job!! Enjoy your wonderful summer. It's my happiest time of the year because I no longer have to nag.

Nowdays, I'm just happy when Sarah pulls off a passing mark in a course. She's still super smart, but really difficult classes and it doesn't always come easily anymore. :)

Love, Linda