Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Moments of Silence

My kids are so cute right before they go to sleep. Maybe I find them even more adorable than usual because I'm in a good mood knowing that David and I are about to have some time alone and I can relax for the next 10 hours.

Noah's nighttime ritual has changed in the past month. He sleeps in Emily's room every night. She sleeps in his room. It is what it is and all I care about is that he sleeps better in there and doesn't come in my room every night. We tuck him in with his monkey and he sleeps with our Christmas card and says "I need my family." He bent one, so I got him another and now he wants to sleep with both.
He told me his family protects him from the monsters. He must think we are super human if cardboard versions of us are protection, but whatever.
Emily has been sleeping in Noah's room. It's darker in the morning, so she can sleep in. We made the kids face their fear and watch Hotel Transylvania this weekend. It's a kids movie that they've been freaked out about for a year. In any case, they faced their fear and they aren't afraid of it anymore. Except when they go to bed, then Emily wants to sleep with Ben. Ugh. It's like musical beds in this house. I found them all bundled up together this morning and I thought they were too cute.
Emily says they talk before bed about silly stuff. There are no toys, TV or little brother around and they will talk for as long as they can until I tell them no more. I think it's great and tightens their bond.

Those moments are sweet and short lived. Noah was in my bed by midnight complaining of the monster in his room. Guess he figured the cardstock family isn't much protection.


Linda said...

I love reading your updates. So sweet.

Those days are long gone for me of course. Sarah does her own thing, I go to bed the earliest in our house now, Jim normally falls asleep on the couch and comes to bed sometime in the wee hours of the morning, and Sarah, she doesn't have any set bedtime and stays up way later than she should, but it somehow works out okay.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I feel like a little of this ia all my fault. NOAH GETTING PUT OUT OF HIS BED FOR ME ending up taking over Em's bed and now she is the roving bed seeker. Oh well if she ends up closer to Ben who is nothing but a good influence... all the better, I guess. Lol! And who would have ever suspected Noah of being sentimental... Loved the pics as usual