Saturday, April 6, 2013

I've Been Pinning

I signed up for pinterest a few years ago. I thought it was a neat idea, but that was it. It didn't spark an interest really. Maybe I was too busy with a baby. In any case. I've rediscovered it lately, and I've been pinning!

Our baggy/foil/saran wrap cabinet has been a mess for years. You go to grab something and 5 things fall out. I actually had 3 open boxes of quart size storage bags because I didn't know what was in there. Although now that I look at this picture, they are all stacked on top of each other. Maybe I need to wear my glasses more often.
I found an idea to use magazine files to organize storage bags. But, I'm just too cheap to buy anything when I have perfectly good materials to use here. So I did it with cereal boxes. Sure they could use some nice wrapping paper around them, but honestly, I really don't care. I used some white duct tape to make sure the ends stay together and that's about as fancy as I get.
Here it is all done and now I can find everything.
Isn't it pretty? Up next, underneath the kitchen sink (I'll be embarrassed to show pictures) and the boys bedrooms. We are getting some new cabinets for our kitchen on Tuesday and Ben is getting the little hutch in our kitchen now. I have a lot of work to do getting organized.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you did a great job , as always. Very neat and pleasing to the eyes for sure not to mention solves the problem.
I can tell by that little box below I am going to have problems proving I am not a robot.
Hope you are having a great weekend.☼

Linda said...

Yeah, I'm just not into Pinterest. But that's a great useful idea. All of ours are crammed into a narrow flat drawer because that's the only one that really works for us, but we don't have nearly as many wrappings as you, lol. :)

All of my interest has since turned to outside work, now that it's warmed up so nicely this week with temps in the 70s. Today was more yard work, which I love. If I didn't have to go to my paid job, I would literally be outside all day every day in the yard working. That's what brings me great joy.

Have a wonderful new week. Our Spring Break has come to and end and it's back to the usual tomorrow.

Love, Linda