Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Huge Catch Up

I've been slacking on my blog lately. It's not that I don't want to write. I do it all the time in my head.  I'm just finding the time difficult. Maybe if I wasn't up to level 79 on Candy Crush (this stupid game on Facebook) that is sucking up my spare time, I'd have time to write. Well, that's not entirely true as I've been really busy organizing my new cabinets and doing a little spring cleaning. It feels good to organize and purge.

I'm also falling into this really bad habit of using my iphone for pictures. My last photo I took on my $800 Canon camera was at Easter a month ago! The phone is there and always convenient and it takes like 2 seconds to put the photo on flickr, so I can quickly upload it to my blog or sometimes, I just do a quick post with one photo. The pictures are no where near as good of quality. I need to break that habit, but I guess a picture is better than no picture. Right?

In any case, I'm super behind. I'm going to avoid Candy Crush for the next 30 minutes and get myself caught up and then I can let it go and start fresh. That's my plan anyway. Here I go...

Noah is officially taking over superhero duties around here. He dresses up in all of Ben's old costumes. Here he is dressed as Thor watching The Avengers.
 photo IMG_5498_zps0d608f15.jpg
Now, he's Spiderman "reading" a Spiderman book.
 photo IMG_5500_zps2770cf6e.jpg
Ben rarely dresses up anymore. It's kind of sad to see him transition out of this phase, but it's been going on for over 4 years. Oh, Ben still loves super....

Wait a minute. This sounds familiar. Oh crap, I wrote about this already, I just used different pictures of Noah in Buzz Lightyear. See, I write all the time in my head and then I sometimes think I actually wrote about it, but I didn't. In any case, I wrote about Ben growing up here.

Okay, next subject...
Ben has officially ditched his training wheels! We have a little pink bike that we use to train, so we don't have to take the wheels on and off until the get the hang of it. But, this photo was a month ago and he was already doing great.
 photo IMG_5506_zpseb0a71ab.jpg
This past weekend, we went for a ride and Ben did awesome! The training wheels are gone!

I have no idea what my husband is doing.
 photo IMG_5509_zps77d9b3ab.jpg

While Grammie Gwynne was visiting, Emily got out all her dolls. She has 35.
 photo IMG_5516_zpsd7f008cf.jpg
That's a lot of dolls. Speaking of 35, I organized my shoes yesterday and I have 35 pairs. I think that's excessive, so I gave a pair to my Mom. I feel much better now.
David took his Mom and the kids to Jerome for the day. They stopped to enjoy the view.
 photo IMG_5522_zpsf3122286.jpg
Emily got Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance for 3rd quarter. I'm so proud of her!
 photo IMG_5537_zps482e274d.jpg
We got this awesome new HOA lady who is making great things happen around here. She put on a big Easter celebration for all the families. It was so fun. I realized the kids had never seen the Easter Bunny. Ben was skeptical.
 photo IMG_5602_zps8db2e9f1.jpg
He finally posed for a picture, but I knew he wasn't buying it.
 photo IMG_5608_zps7db28b99.jpg
Emily just agreed to the photo without a physical examination of the bunny. photo IMG_5611_zps898d6354.jpg
Noah wouldn't go near him.

There was a fun egg hunt.
 photo IMG_5620_zps684a816f.jpg
 photo IMG_5634_zpsaaf20b08.jpg
 photo IMG_5648_zpsb9b28919.jpg
 photo IMG_5662_zps2b2c6916.jpg
And when Noah popped his balloon on a rock, the lady came over and made him a new one.
 photo IMG_5636_zps130b0bc4.jpg
The balloon animals/swords were a hit and Emily wants to learn how to make them.
 photo IMG_5639_zps49d25bff.jpg
 photo IMG_5651_zpsac2a7913.jpg
My hot husband...
 photo IMG_5642_zps0fa1eb9f.jpg
The Easter Bunny came and the kids ate gummy bunnies for breakfast.
 photo IMG_5675_zpsf7b64985.jpg photo IMG_5678_zpsa665bd18.jpg
Then, we drove to my Dad and Suzy's in Phoenix for a big family get together and you know what? I took like 10 photos. How horrible is that?
 photo IMG_5691_zps6dce749b.jpg
 photo IMG_5696_zps2b734fa9.jpg
And they went swimming! In March! That's Phoenix for you!
 photo IMG_5698_zps902dd90c.jpg
 photo IMG_5708_zps9e868803.jpg
 photo IMG_5714_zpsecb61cb6.jpg
Then I left my expensive Canon camera at his house.  I guess that sums it up.
Okay, I'm all caught up and ready for a fresh start. It's good timing as Emily has a piano recital Friday. Both kids have school Spring Concerts next week. And there is only 22 days of school left before summer vacation! I hope I master Candy Crush by then.


Anonymous said...

Well you made someone's night for sure, actually two someone's nights. Grampie and I loved the pics. You better get your camera back before the end of year celebrations and Em's recital. We want some great pics ... (Bossy or what?)As I was looking at some of the pics I thought been there, seen that and then I suddenly realized hey I was there for some of them.It seems so long ago and yet the pics are new so I guess it was recent time. I like Noah's new longer hairstyle. He looks like a big boy now.
Once again Thanks and we enjoyed seeing what's new and not so new around your place. ☼

Linda said...

Hooray for the update! I enjoyed it. You with your iPhone and mine is never used. How do you like that? ;)

All of the pictures are fun to see though. Lots going on for sure. I was happy to see the Haribo Gummi Bears - those are my favorite candy ever since our Summer German Exchange student, Kerstin, gave them to me when I was 14.

Lots happening here this week as well - Sarah taking her ACT/State exams yesterday and today (in fact, all Juniors in the State of Illinois are doing that these 2 days, which is kind of neat to know), and Prom - her Junior Prom/Anthony's Senior Prom is Saturday.

Hope you have a great remainder of the week and stay off of those facebook time wasters.... ha ha. I never ever play games on there and won't be starting it either. :)

Love, Linda

Holly and Bo said...

Bloggers must think alike...I go through the same thing of composing posts in my head then getting confused about whether I wrote about something already. When I read back through my blog sometimes I realize I repeat myself quite a bit. ha! Good luck with Candy Crush. I was stuck on level 85 or maybe 86 for like two weeks. ;)

Piper AndTheKids said...

It's a good thing it takes a while for Candy Crush to give you more lives--forces me to stop playing lol