Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This is my little hutch that I've had for 15 years.
It normally doesn't look so cluttered, but I had all the easter stuff on there and didn't bother to clean it up for the photo. It is what it is.

The little hutch sits by our dining room table in our kitchen and stores party stuff and other junk. We are gadget people. Griddle, we got it. Food processor, check. Waffle maker, use it every Sunday. Dutch Oven, wouldn't make soup without it. We have a lot of stuff, but we use it. We've always thought we needed more cabinets in this house. So, we finally made it happen.
We found an almost identical formica to match our granite countertop. We went with a company who got us the same cabinets as the rest of the kitchen down to the crown molding.
Um, wow!
I've been busy organizing and cleaning out other cabinets. It's a great feeling. The funny thing is that it looks so good and more spacious. I don't know how that's possible when it's 3 times bigger than the little hutch, but it does. It looks like it's always been there.
And for only $86, they made us two drawers in our bathroom! When we bought the house, the homebuilder gave an option to put in 2 sinks for an additional charge. We only wanted one, so they put in fake fronts with no drawers. It's been bothering us for 6 years. So, we figured this is a must before Emily gets into make up and all that stuff. Best $86 I ever spent.
As for the little hutch, it found a new home in Ben's room. We took off the doors and added some canvas totes and he's happy as can be.


Anonymous said...

Wow the new cabinets look great. Look like they have always been there. I bet it won't take long to get them filled with all your extra stuff that in my mind already had a home anyway. Both the kitchen and Ben's room look fantastic.I see you have been busy for sure. ☺5

Linda said...

Everything looks great! Lots of storage. I would love to have that island in the kitchen. As it is, everything at our house is very small with limited storage, and as you said - it is what it is. :)

Love, Linda

Piper said...

They look really great!