Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A New Pair of Eyes

In January, Emily came home with an assignment about Martin Luther King. I looked at it and wondered why so many words were misspelled. She said because she couldn't see the board. I knew it would happen eventually as David and I both wear glasses. Well, we had surgery 10 years ago to fix it, but are finding we need them again for far away. So, David took her to the eye doctor. Her eyes are only 20/25, but it's just enough to not be able to see the whiteboard in school. The doctor said she doesn't need to wear them all the time or at all even, but we wanted to get her glasses to see the board in class. She's been sitting in the front row now for two months!

We looked at the glasses at Sam's and she didn't like anything. She wanted a pair like mine, brown tortoise color with a rectangle shape. They all had designs on them or were too girly. I looked at Costco for her and didn't think she'd like anything there. We went to Walmart and she tried on every pair for over an hour. She finally picked something, but didn't really like them. I was waiting for that moment she found something she loved. It never came. We paid for the ones at Walmart and were headed to Costco to get a few things. We thought we should look there for glasses. The first pair she tries on, she exclaims, "I love them!". That was the reaction I was waiting for. I cancelled the ones from Walmart and we bought the ones at Costco.

We picked them up on Saturday and she was so happy.
She wore them all day and then started complaining about seeing a foggy thing. As it turns out, the anti glare coating is defective and we had to send them back. So, she will have to wait a few more days to get them.  She actually cried when we had to send them back.

She's super excited to wear them to school.  Her first comment to me was "e-mail my teachers and tell them they can move me to the back of the class again." That's my girl!


Linda said...

She looks adorable as always. Great choice! :)

I'm the only one in my family who never needed glasses until around age 40 and I can't say I'm happy about them (readers only). It's amazing, but when I was off work last week, I barely ever needed my glasses. I think being on the computer all day makes them worse. I can't wait until the day that I rarely ever have to look at a computer screen - I like being away from it.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Love the glasses. She chose well and Gina you must be happy that she wanted ones like yours. Her wanting to be like her mother probably won't continue for much longer. Enjoy it while you can... Hope they make a significant difference in the classroom, although she is already a star and does a great job on her classwork most of the time. Anyway hope they help to make it easier for her. Hope the repaired glasses get back soon. ☼