Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We have a tennis court at our clubhouse and for some odd reason, we decided to play last Friday night. Oh that's right, it was gorgeous out. We took the kids and they had fun. Noah is a natural.
We've gone up several times in the past week and have a good time. Noah chases all of the balls that we hit over the fence. It's great to have him around. But, he tires easily...
Within about 15 minutes, Noah is laying on the court and Ben is sitting on the bench playing on my iphone. Emily hangs in there though. She's a trooper.

I work out with my friend a few times a week and we've started playing tennis now. I bring Noah, you know to fetch the balls. Today we found something strange on the court. I think it's a jackrabbit leg.
Noah was doing a great job but quit by the end. When I asked him to get a ball that went over the fence, he huffed and yelled, "I'm eating a cracker!" So much for our ball boy.

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Linda said...

Oh that's kind of gross, lol. :P

I would LOVE that weather right about now though!!! I'm so over SNOW. Yes, I am. I'm longing for spring but it looks and feels anything but that here right now.

Love, Linda