Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Work

Two days ago, the kids were playing in snow. Today, it was sunny, warm and beautiful. I've been meaning to tackle the yard since October. Just as quickly as it seems to have gone from Winter to Spring, it did the same thing in October. It went from Fall to Winter in a day. And nobody wants to do yardwork when it's cold outside. So, we didn't!

Today was the perfect day for hardwork. Ha, I meant yardwork. My kids would agree with the first sentence. I blew all the leaves into 3 piles and told the kids to get outside. We just found a great deal on gloves at Costco. 6 pairs for $6. I like that. It meant each kid had a pair! They were none to happy.
Aren't they hysterical? I felt no pity. They only did 2 1/2 bags of leaves and I figured I tortured them enough. My Mom picked up dog poop and Gwynne brushed Rocko. We all had jobs. Noah was a total trooper and hung out with me for the full 3 hours.
The backyard looks all pretty now. It was nice to not have a schedule. I didn't have kids to pick up, work to do or anything else to worry about. It was a lovely day.

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Linda said...

Looks like a great day and I love the pictures. I'm jealous of your weather!! Here, we get all excited over a cloudy, 60 degree Sunday but that left and it was miserable yesterday and although it's finally sunny again this morning, it's 30 degrees. So, we don't quite warm up like you guys at this time of the year - not yet, and springtime yard work has to wait. I was just thinking last night as I looked out to our backyard, that normally, if the weather warms up, I mow grass for the first time around the 2nd week of April. We'll see if that pans out or not. So far, the springtime view is limited here.

Love, Linda