Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read Across America

It was Read Across America week at school. This meant fun projects about Dr. Suess for the kids all week. My favorite was this one of Horton and his clover. How cute is that?
I went to help in Emily's class with some crafts. I was there for morning announcements. The kids all do the pledge. I love listening to kids say the pledge of allegiance. It's awesome. The crafts were fun. Here's Emily sticking her hand in oobleck or something like that.
And it happened again. The same boy who tapped me 100 times a few weeks ago starting right back up like he never stopped. Tap, tap, tappity tap, my birthday is next Friday. Tap, tap, tappity tap, I'll be 9. Oh geez. And I found out Malibu Barbie gave the ring a boy gave her to Valentine's Day to her B.F.F. Wow, that must have made that boy feel great. He's going to need therapy one day. I snapped a picture of my station. That's Malibu Barbie's back.
My Dad and Suzy came up for the day on Wednesday. Suzy made Ben a great blanket for his bed. She made one for me at Christmas and Ben asked her to make one for him. He loves it. And she did it in the colors or Spiderman!
My Dad was moving up our electrical plug as we want to get cabinets for this wall. Noah was assisting.
There was one night that certain grades put on a performance. Emily's class was doing a short play of Charlotte's Web. She got the part as a narrator. Unfortunately, it was so loud in there. K, 1 and 2 all did a little something and usually people clear out after their kids perform, but the principal was getting slimmed. Everyone wanted to stick around for that and I understand that it's hard to contain small children for over an hour as evidence to all the noise in the background. The kids did well though and Emily did so great! The whold thing was over 10 minutes! My camera cut off in the middle of it as my disc was full! I quickly switched to my cell phone and didn't miss any of her lines.

After the principal got slimmed and it was a total cop out. She wore goggles (that I can understand), a shower cap and a raincoat. That's cheating in my book. Oh well, the kids thought it was great. Emily filmed this.

Ben missed a day of school this week because he puked in the middle of the night. Just one random puke and he was fine after that. I'm still trying to recover. I had 3 loads of laundry to do in the middle of the night, and I can't say that I will eat chili again anytime soon. I asked his teacher to send home his homework and she said they really just did some crafts and had guest readers that day. Ben was thrilled. I'm glad that my kids can have such a great week at school and truly have fun.

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Linda said...

It is great that they can have fun at school! :) That ends right around Junior High, lol (or at least it did at our house if not earlier). Now, I'm saying nearly every day "I can't wait for high school to be over!!!!" Grrr.... and yes, that's coming from me.

Oh well, it's the weekend and all is good right now.

Loved reading and seeing your update again.
Love, Linda