Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old Friends

I've written about Emily's friend Ellie over the years. Emily met her in Kindergarten and they quickly became friends. So much so that Emily was willing to eat school lunch just to sit by Ellie at lunch time. If you've seen a school lunch recently, you'd realize what a sacrifice this was.  They had their first playdate in the beginning of 2010.
 photo ellie1_zps080220bb.jpg
This is them on the day they graduated Kindergarten.
 photo ellie4_zpse5b2e2a7.jpg
Then Ellie's family moved. Emily was heartbroken. So was Ellie. Remarkably these girls have remained friends. They send letters and Skype or do Face Time. Luckily Ellie's family still comes up here from time to time and her Mom is always great about calling and getting the girls together.

Here they are in 2011.
 photo ellie3_zps08aec66b.jpg
And in 2012...
 photo ellie2_zpsea3964f3.jpg
And here they are today in 2013...
 photo IMG_5492_zpsc05510c3.jpg
Their hair changes.
Their teeth fall out.
They grow like weeds.
But, their friendship remains the same...

I don't think time will ever change that.

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Linda said...

That's wonderful.

Sarah had a couple of friends like that but they eventually did lose touch - Junior High and High School changes things. But she has a couple of long-standing friends since at least 5th grade, so that's something.

Loved the pictures.
Love, Linda