Friday, March 22, 2013

Noah, You Gotta Love Him

Noah is my most difficult kid. He's stubborn, strong willed and sometimes just a complete pain in the ass. He really hates food. If he didn't have to eat, he wouldn't. He'd live on coffee if it was up to him. As for fruits and vegetables, he will only eat apples, carrots, corn and bananas, but they have to be perfectly ripe. It's like a 12 hour window of being not too green and not too brown. If you happen to get the banana in that time frame, he'll eat it. Otherwise, it's too hard or too mushy. He typically won't even try things. He acts like we are tryin to fed him battery acid and will sometimes vomit to get out of eating something. I bribed him into trying a grape yesterday.

Seriously, who doesn't like grapes? He even likes grape juice. I think it's a texture thing. That or he's just a freak.

He can go from being a completly cray cray about trying a grape to being so cute and sweet playing the piano dressed as a ninja turtle.

It's those moments of cuteness scattered throughout the day that keep me from selling him to the gypsies.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a boy, our little Noah! I can't believe the grape caused so much upset.Didn't see too many episodes of that nature during my visit, I guess you weren't tempting him with any new or unusual little round sweet and delicious grapes.Tell him I loved his music. :)
PS the little things you have to enter below are a pain ... This is my 3rd attempt.. The numbers are clear but the letters are pretty distorted.

Linda said...

Ahhh, food issues. I can relate, but I'll tell you the bigger one makes out of them, the more they'll carry on and continue. Jim used to nag Sarah about eating her dinner, and she's never been a big eater. Now she's 17, 5'2" and 100 lbs and that's pretty much what she's been for many years now. But the more he used to nag her, the more she'd carry on, and I just learned that they'll eat what they eat, and so be it.

All works out. :)

Loved the videos.
Love, Linda