Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm in LOVE

The craziest thing happened. I posted Noah's crib mattress on Craigslist. You wouldn't think that would lead to much but 20 bucks. But, the lady who bought it is a couponer and her husband does real estate. We got talking about couponing and how I need more space. Her husband just happened to be selling items from a dead mans home. One of those items was a chest freezer.

I've been dreaming about a chest freezer. Now, we have 2 full fridge/freezers and they are full. The freezer was getting so bad that I heard David open the one in the garage and things came falling out on top of him. We briefly looked at them at Sams Club and just as quickly kept walking when we saw the price tag. Enter dead man's chest and 50 bucks and it was mine!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful?
My daughter is beautiful too.

We cleaned it up and found a mouse's nest on the side in the grate. Luckily, the mouse house was vacant. Sixty minutes, a broom, dust pan, vacuum, soapy water,Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and elbow grease, and it was good as new! If you've never used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, they are quite possibly the best thing ever.

Ok, now back to my freezer or as we affectionately refer to it as the dead man's chest. I had all sorts of visions of organizing it, and I think it turned out perfectly. I put specific meats in each crate. Beef in one. Chicken in another. Pork in another and one for turkey. It works out nicely so everything isn't thrown on top of each other.
Now, you may be saying holy Gogurts! And you may think what does someone need with 10 boxes of Gogurt? But, it's one of the 5 foods Noah will eat that aren't classified as junk food. So, when they are free or under 50 cents, you stock up.

The other half has a nice shelf for all my homemade pasta sauce. A basket on top for the little things like hot dogs. And yes, we need a dozen packs of Holy Guacamole because that's how many you buy when it's free. Oh and I have tomatoes from our garden last year in a baggie. I add them to my homemade sauce.
Anyway, I think it's a thing of beauty and I'm totally in love. I find myself going in the garage just to look at my freezer. See, I'm a simple girl and it's the little things in life that make me happy.


Linda said...

I think we're going to need one of those if your Uncle Jim keeps buying freezer items on sale. Seriously. We have a very tiny fridge - old fashioned with freezer and don't even have automatic water/ice cubes in our fridge because it's not equipped for that and there's no water line running there anyway. And we don't do real couponing like you do, but Jim uses the Penny Saver sales at our County Market (our only local grocery store) and gets freezer items for really cheap, so he's been stocking up big time. He's so organized, otherwise, I don't know how all of those items would fit in our tiny little fridge-freezer. I told him that he's becoming like YOU. :D lol (seriously, I said that).

Anyway... I enjoyed reading your story about how you obtained your new dead man's chest. Carry on! ;)

Love, Linda

Piper said...

Now I keep thinking of Mrs. McClusky (sp?) from Desparate Housewives keeping her dead husband in a chest freezer--dead man's chest, indeed! :p

If the freezer was unplugged or not turned on for a significant amount of time, keep a close eye on it. We bought a used fridge/freezer a few years back and it worked great at first then got warm. Guy we bought it from came out and recharged it. Worked great for a bit and got warm again. Had the repair man out and he told us that unfortunately, sitting powered off for a few weeks or months can ruin the cooling unit--not always but often. I'd hate for you to lose your freezer stash if it decides to lose its cool! Hopefully it will be fine, though, and your dead man's chest will keep you in food for many years to come ;-)