Thursday, March 28, 2013


The kids have been hounding me about coloring eggs all week. We have a really busy few days coming up, so I decided today was the day. The are off school tomorrow, so it feels like a Friday anyway.

Noah wasn't sure what to do at first.
 photo IMG_5552_zps02105f9a.jpg
Ben helped him.
 photo IMG_5549_zpsd841fc3c.jpg
I tried to tell him to use the spoon, but he liked using his fingers. Ben too.
 photo IMG_5576_zps607ce949.jpg
Emily took a much more creative approach.
 photo IMG_5577_zps0da95c2f.jpg
I think they had fun and made a thorough mess.
 photo IMG_5567_zpscd69e0a2.jpg
Noah just liked to dunk the same egg in all the colors and see what he got.
 photo IMG_5570_zps3daf36ae.jpg
What he got was green hands.
 photo IMG_5578_zps0e49d6fd.jpg
He thought he looked like the Hulk and did a Hulk smash on the countertop.
 photo IMG_5580_zps1c433403.jpg
They came out pretty.
 photo IMG_5586_zps826a4f76.jpg
The kids are excited to have a 3 day weekend and for the Easter bunny to come. Ben came home with several different Easter crafts. One included his version of our Easter.
 photo IMG_5598_zps8bff723a.jpg
Emily came home with a 10 page packet about learning cursive.
 photo IMG_5600_zps7c3432cb.jpg
Ah, to be in young again...


Piper said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE Ben's Easter letter :D

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pics of the fun and excitement of getting ready for Easter. Ben's story was great. I love his sense of humor and Emily is doing a great job with her cursive handwriting. Noah has the best little green fists in all of hulkdom. Liking his new longer hair as well. Happy Easter to all.

Linda said...

So cute! Wow, you color of ton of eggs, lol. We only did 10 this year, because we don't eat them so they just go to waste otherwise. Still, I think it's pretty cool that my 17 year old still loves to partake in the traditions with me.

Hope you all have a blessed Easter.
Love, Linda