Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Tale of Two Porky's

My best friend Pam gave Emily "Porky" before she was born. He sat on her dresser overlooking her crib until she was about 3 months old. Then, we started putting Porky in the crib with her. They quickly became best friends. She has slept with Porky every night for the last 8 years. He's with her on the sofa when she is relaxing during the day too. She plays with his ears and his tail. He of course comes on trips with us too. He's been to California countless times, Canada, Florida, Idaho. I tell you that pig gets around. Here he is enjoying the sun on the back of Papa and Grandma Suzy's boat in Idaho.
 photo IMG_35362_zps372c7cea.jpg
Luckily, we've never lost him. I did find out once that he was made by Ty and technically called Corkscrew. I think this was one time when we thought we lost him and were hunting around the house for hours. David's sister found him under the coffee table half stuck in the drawer. Emily was laying under there and thought she should hide him and forgot. David has "done surgery" on his ears, his tail and when his eyeball fell out, David made him a new one with black thread. Porky is a suvivor.

Porky has also become thread bare in several areas. We told Emily the other day that we didn't know how much longer he would last before he got a permanent hole in him that we couldn't fix. I suggested we retire him and get another one and she burst out in tears. We told her she could always keep him, but he's going to need to spend his days on her dresser watching over her. Just the way he started. She finally agreed and got a little excited as we searched for "Ty Corkscrew" on Ebay. We found several, and I bought one from Fort Worth and we awaited his arrival. He came on Saturday.
 photo IMG_5104_zpse5df2421.jpg
She loves his Corkscrew tail.
 photo IMG_5106_zpsd9b0610f.jpg
She was shocked that her Porky once looked just like the new one.
 photo IMG_5108_zps7a811869.jpg
We've named them Porky and Corky.
 photo IMG_5112_zps18e62297.jpg
So, is Porky on her dresser? Heck no! She say's Corky feels weird. By weird I think she means clean and soft. She can't play with his ears the same or his tail. So, now she has 2 lovies. I'm hoping she will break in Corky, and Porky can retire before all his stuffing falls out. I'm not counting on it though. I think our trips this summer will include Porky and his sidekick Corky. The the tale of two pigs will continue...


Linda said...

I love this so very much
and it makes me cry too.


Piper said...

This is so adorable :) so far, none of mine have become that attached to a lovie. They have favorites but not a must-have.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. I know there have been many discussions about Porky's retirement and Emily has always remained adamant about Porky's position in her life FOREVER. It is so nice to know that even though he is old, faded.worn and had multiple surgeries,he can be saying" I will survive " in Emily's heart. Hope to see Porky and his new brother soon.